falling in love, with everyone!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Lemon_WashingMachine, May 27, 2007.

  1. okay, this is going to seem odd.. but i usually try to keep myself out of relationships becuase whenever i meet a girl, i literally fall inlove with her.. and i dont mean i just like her or want to get into bed with her or anything... i actually dont even care about sex, but every girl i meet pretty much, ill start to see the good in them and think she's such a nice person and all of that... so instead i just pretty much talk to no one and get into no relationships. I wouldnt even care if i never had sex with these girls.. im almost never horny or anything, i just want to like go for walks and even just be really really good friends, although i would have a romantic attraction to all of them, and its not even really fading either. i'd like never see that girl again who i only met like 4 times lets say, and they will stay in mind like, wow, she was such a nice girl...

    anyone else feel like that?
  2. SexAddict49

    SexAddict49 Member

    Ur not alone bro... I am like that at times especailly lately, since I broke up with my ex I feel extra vulnerable, I dont know if its the fact I'm single and need a new gf or I actually like this new girl I just met... hmm... anyone else with input?
  3. MegaCore

    MegaCore Member

    hehe sometimes when im travelling i feel like im falling in love with new people everyweek, but stay a while long enough to really get to know a person & then u start to see the difference between love & infatuation, infatuations are fun & nearly as good as the real thing sometimes
  4. gjg

    gjg Member

    keep it simple. make it fun.I spent 1/2 my life wanting to love everygirl i saw, but it was only cause i was starved for affection, but eventually i lost my libido at my age to the point where i dont suffer from that affliction anymore. but i think on a slighlty deeper level, youre missing the point. You need to fck. and then you will know how good sex is. Youll want to get sexual pleasure from those girls and realsie you cant lovbe them all. But i think you are going through a very special phase at your young age , and its pretty sweet , but i think youre shielding yourself froma basic reality which is you want these beautiful girls you "love" to fck/sck you, but they wont right now. Try and fuck some sluts. Its easier now than when i was your age cause of the Internet. They are out there. theres billions of them. They are prety much all sluts. They all want to fck. Do it. Do it now. Do it while you still can. Throw down. just dont fall in love till you find a respectable girl, and dont forget you give what you get. :drool:
  5. well, the problem is i dont like sluts, i find it to be a turn off... but it's all good i suppose
  6. gjg

    gjg Member

    yea i guess theres a difference.
  7. neponiatka

    neponiatka Senior Member

    man, i feel the same...
    fall in love every week...stay in love with only those who are unreachable...
    like....saw a guy in a bus....fall in love
    then the next in a street...fall in love
    then in internet cafe...the same
  8. mlee27

    mlee27 Member

    he said he didn't even mind if he never had sex with them and you tell him to go fuck sluts????? yeah good advice buddy, try dealing with your own problems and stop ill advising people. i think love is an overused word now a days. it took my bf 3 years before he could even utter the words. i think your infatuated with all these girls and that is so very normal but don't confuse infatuation with love.it will be you in the end who gets hurt
  9. mlee27

    mlee27 Member

    what does fall in love mean to you? you say you meet him on the street fall in love, meet at an internet cafe fall in love , do you mean LUST????
  10. fexurbis

    fexurbis Member

    Love my ass...

    Anyway, I feel infatuated with lots of women everyday. But what's the point. To them men are fucking air.

    Most days I get a few looks...but what's the point? I'm going to talk to her and she'll act all fucking stupid...

    Love is soon going to be responsible for the extinction of the species...seriously. That little Judeo-Christian concept is making it impossible for the genders to reach out between themselves...

    Neponiatka...why the hell don't you approach these men you're supposedly falling in love with?
  11. Love is soon going to be responsible for the extinction of the species...seriously. That little Judeo-Christian concept is making it impossible for the genders to reach out between themselves...

  12. fexurbis

    fexurbis Member

    You heard me! lol.

    Where there is love there is hate. Where there is marriage there is prostitution. Where there is Mr. Right, there is the loser.
  13. hmm i dont know. i'm pretty sure i know what love is. I know what infatuation is too. there really isnt too much difference between them though unless you want to say so. infatuation can be love but calling it a foolish love... but then again anyone can call true love foolish. what i feel for these people is always something beyond lust, like a desire to make their lives actually better. i actually feel that i wish i could just so -something- and make them happy. make people really happy.
    i dont believe that it necessarily cannot be love becuase most people here believe that it can't.
    i usually feel this way towards everyone, but girls in a different way. like it makes me feel soft and happy.
    but i always want to just make everyone happy. this world seems like such a hard place (for me) and maybe i'm projecting my want for happyness to other people.. but alot of times too i find guys to be really evil< even though that's harsh and im kinda joking... but even the guys who are supposedly really "nice" and everything. when i was at school and then at the locker room before gym they were all talking amongst themselves and they were such cruel bastards, especailly to those girls who think they're so nice...
    dont know what i'm trying to say really. but that doesnt matter. life is complicated and feelings are complicated. but i hope i can use this feeling to help people out.. like going to a third world country and volunteering, not sending in money because most charitable organizations take most of the money for themselves and only send a little portion.
    p.s. i like ranting sometimes.
  14. how is love a judaeo-christian idea? and how is love going to lead to the extinction of mankind? explain, dont just stay stuff
  15. mlee27

    mlee27 Member

    blah blah blah mr. expert on love , life and bs
  16. mlee27

    mlee27 Member

    blah blah blah mr. expert o n life love and bs hahahaha
  17. airotciv

    airotciv Slowly Going Sane

    Ahhhh, the world of duality. Isn't that what makes life interesting??? I'm from the South, and we southerners like a little vinegar with our greens. ;)
  18. neponiatka

    neponiatka Senior Member

    well...in the russian language there are two different words for love as a fleeting feeling and deep one....in the eng lang there is only one...so i use it...love....

    i just mean it's not seriously of course
    it's just because i love to love:)

    why, Fex, smtimes i get acquianted with these guys if we both feel so and if they dont disappear too quickly:)

    right now i'm tired of all this stuff and dont want any relations...but it doesnt prevent me from falling in love with beautiful individuals i see in the streets and other places...

    that's all is not serious...
  19. neponiatka

    neponiatka Senior Member

    fexurbis, again this bitter and wrong assumption....
    you programm yourself that a female would react in a wicked way....
    in your words women are so predictable and callous....
    well, the point is, when i get acquianted to some of these beautiful guys they turn out to be indifferent or strange or just ordinary assholes
    not all of course...but i'm a bit disappointed at the moment too:)

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