Faerie Con/Worlds 2009

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by girlEcho, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. girlEcho

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    I don't know how many of you have hear of or attended the faerie worlds/con event. I don't know too much about it myself seeing as I've never personally attended, but I really want to.

    Faerie Worlds is being held in Oregon this year at the Secret House Winery. The price of tickets depends on how many days you stay. There are tons of vendor and live music and everyone dresses up.

    this is what the website has to say about the event:
    In just seven years, Faerieworlds has become the premiere mythic music festival on the West Coast. Featuring world renowned fantasy artists, Grammy-award winning musicians, spectacular performances and entertainers, an amazing arts and crafts vending village, thousands of fans from around the globe travel each year to Eugene, Oregon to experience the magic of Faerieworlds.

    We believe that the revitalizing, healing and transforming spirit of faerie is alive and moving actively in our lives: faerie inspires and provokes, heals and reveals, illuminates and transcends. At Faerieworlds, we invite you to enter the Realm as your magical self and release the beautiful, magical faerie spirit that’s inside you!

    Array yourself in your best faerie finery! Join us and find new friends and discover wonderful enchantments of art, music and dance. Surrender to the glamour of faerie and let your heart and spirit soar in the woodland and under the stars!

    there is also Faerie Con which is a bit different. there is still live music and dressing up, but it's held in Phily, PA and its a convention instead of a festival

    the site has an option for both the con and world, a music player, and tons of amazing pictures from both events. there is also carpooling for those of you that can't drive out to either event
  2. dixie_pixy

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    I wanted to do this last year but with the price and location it wasn't going to happen. So, I may do it this year. It seems really interesting and a whole lot of fun. I'm going to be looking at it and trying to get some friends to go with me! Here's hoping for a great time!

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