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  1. Has anyone tried real pure LSD? I read in a report about albert Hoffman and they asked him why he didn't want LSD on the streets, and he said because chemists will give it a bad name if made different. I also heard that pure LSD has no body high, it's just all in the mind. Timothy leary stated "to all you acid freaks out there, who think they have tried acid, well you haven't, unless you have tried pure LSD. Pure LSD is supposed to be very spiritual. Also LSD- 25 is supposed to make you all "speedy" and usually will get you naueseated. I have tried LSD 4 times now, and know for a fact that pure LSD is a different more spiritual experience. The only pure LSD that was around was in the 60's and 70's.
  2. Jabbawaya

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    It should all be very similar... and there should always be a body component to it since LSD also acts on dopamine receptors. The serotonin system is enough to create a body high by itself, actually, and it should.

    Of course pure LSD would be different. Taking pure THC is slightly different from smoking weed. Taking pills of psilocybin is slightly different from taking mushrooms. It has to do with other chemicals present. So yes, you're right to some degree, but it's not such a huge difference.
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    I´m not quite sure, if anyone around here has ever tried 100% pure LSD.
    Because of the very small doses, you always need carrier substances (or have you ever tried to swallow 200ugs of anything? That´s almost nothing, less than a bit of fly excrements on a window...). Those carrier substances have an influence on the substance uptake into your body (but some can even speed it up).
    Of course, pure LSD would cause an enormous rush of fast developing activity, but I don´t think this is too much different to "normal" LSD.
    If you really want a "pure" LSD-Experience beyond all you´ve ever experienced, find a physician you really can trust (not your "doc" round the corner) and let him inject you 2 or 3ugs of LSD directly into your spine (into the brain liquor) under permanent EKG-monitoring. PLEASE DON`T DO THIS ON YOUR OWN, YOU COULD HARM YOURSELF VERY BADLY AND EVEN KILL YOURSELF!
  4. Maggie Sugar

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    Well, "carrier substances" could easily be blotting paper, or sugar cubes (I think I'm dating my age here LOL.)

    Hoffman took a LOT of acid. He didn't just do it once. His first trip was unintentional, he absorbed some LSD 25 in his fingers during an experiement to study rye ergot. But the next day, he took what he thought would be a "theraputic dose" and by his estimation, it was well over 500 mcgs, maybe even 1,000 mics. In fact when he was dying of cancer, he used LSD as a painkiller and to ease him into the Other World. He spent a lot of time examining tripping, from scientific and spiritual aspects.
  5. BlackBillBlake

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    All I can say on this is that some of the LSD that was around in the early 1970's in the UK and was probably produced by Richard Kemp, was of very great purity and stregnth compared with everything I encountered later on, with only one or two exceptions.

    Over the years have been various scare stories about impurities in acid. At one time, it was said that strychnine and amphetamine were present in some tabs. However, this is extremely improbable. For one thing, looking at a microdot pill, you can't actually get enough of either of these substances in there to be effective.
    Most of the acid in the uk in recent years is not put out in very high doses. Often, its probably only about 50 mcrgms per blotter.
    If you want to trip and be sure you are getting purity, my advice is to go for high stregnth mexican mushrooms - that is if you are concerned about the purity of LSD.
    Often, what people put down to impurity though, can be their own reaction to the drug. In the initial phases for example, it can often lead to a release of adrenalin. The usual 'butterflys' sensation is intensified by the effect of the acid, and people think something is wrong. My experience is that this phenomenon is more likely to persist with lower doses. So called 'speedy' effects can often be put down to the same or similar causes.
    Although it doesn't affect the body directly, LSD can lead to a very wide range of what are experienced by the tripper as physical sensations. And sensations which are usually present can become intensified, or even brought to light from subliminal areas of consciousness.
    I've had the experience also of it leading to a release of physical tension. It is as though we carry tensions in our bodies all the time of which we are not fully aware. The increased bodily awareness which psychedelics can bring makes one suddenly aware of it - stiffness, say, in the legs. To the inexperienced even something this simple can lead to problems.
  6. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    umm actually its incredibly easy.. I would say a hell of a lot easier then meditating sober... and its just incredible..

    thats where the posibilites of lsd become infinite
  7. BlackBillBlake

    BlackBillBlake resigned HipForums Supporter

    Yes - I agree.

    But I don't like the word 'sober' here. It implies that LSD is an intoxicant like alchohol. 'Straight' might be better.
  8. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    well i consider 'sober' being a state of mind not affected by outside agents.. a state of mind in which you 'should' drive a vehicle.. or 'should' operate machinery and whatever else you find on those sorts of labels and shit lol...

    but I understand how other could view it differently...
  9. crummyrummy

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    No I believe he only tried it once after his initial accident. I read his journal entries about it a while back in some book a while back.
  10. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    It was a carefully measured 250 mcg, according to his own lab notes, published in his autobiography "LSD, My Problem Child".

    I think you are thinking of Aldous Huxley, who went out of the world on a whopping dose of LSD administered by his wife, coincidentally on the same day that JFK was assassinated.

    Dr. Albert Hofmann is still very much alive AFAIK...

    Hofmann reportedly used LSD for MANY years (and still may). He reportedly took a threshold dose (25 mcg) every day as a "mental stimulant".
  11. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    in the movie "Hofmann's Potion" he says a quarter of a milligram, so yes 250ug (micrograms)
  12. Real LSD was layed on blue gel tabs in 2005, it lasted until early 2007, ( except for the few individuals im sure saved a chunk for themselves knowing what they have ) --Theres a picture of them on erowid.

    I had the pleasure of consuming two tabs known to contain roughly 120 - 140 mic.

    It was real. You will know if you ever have real LSD, if you "think you probably did" , you havent.

    If you want to know HOW I know, or WHAT it was like, PM me.

    Lavender, Family Fluff, Needle Point, Raw, Amber, Cech 25, <--ALL these names mean is NOT REAL LSD - 25.

    That doesnt mean they are all worthless chemicals, some of them are close to LSD ( although nothing is ever even partially CLOSE to L that isnt the real thing ) Some of them are horrible devil substances that mimic lsd and provide NO spiritually properties IMO. buts thats just me, people who havent had the real thing think they are great, but who can blame them.

    Theres also the synth-mescal generation growing, dying, w/e, point is, research chemicals like 2c-x, DOx ect have been being passed of as acid. this isnt a bad thing,
    2c-i is great, WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR GETTING 2c-i, and there in lies the problem with DOB being sold as LSD --( "its not working, lets eat the rest" ) You know what Im talking about. gahh.

    I my life experience, real lsd is made every few years, and that time in between batches has been growing larger for decades. Everytime it IS produced correct, its gone as fact as you can say "Oh my god its real acid" ---

    I read, ( this may not be accurate ) that only 20 % of "acid" manufacturing plans are aimed to make real LSD-25, and 10 % of that 20% succeeds,

    The guy that I owe my life to for giving me these passed away. I havent seen them since, EVERYONE at festivals knows about them, agrees they are the best acid thats even been made, but says quote "We wont ever see those again, but if you got them , you were blessed" -

    Anyone else care to second me on the blues being real?
  13. unfocusedanakin

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    Any LSD made after like 1967 is not going to be 100% pure
    once it was made ilegal and had to go underground

    The standerd method of production that has been passed down from chemist to chemist is at best 99.9% pure, sure a new way could be found out, but its far too time consuming, a chemist is just going to do it the way they KNOW will work,
    At 99.9% the way it binds to your brain is not the same as if it were 100%, It's like a puzzle piece that is just a bit too big

    There is a diffrence between old acid and new acid, how much of a diffrence is a debate. The body load people describe is normaly due to impurites
  14. klondike_bar

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    this thread is a joke. soo much mis-information going around.

    the only way that you can have "non-pure" lsd is if it contains the other inactive derivitives of LSD. however, by following advanced techniques in the synthesis, these can be converted to the active isomer.
  15. MrBDNice

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    we always had silver crystals always clean trips. idk how you theres no "real" lsd around. sounds like some nonsence to me.... ive aten RCs too...
  16. 36fuckin5

    36fuckin5 Alchemycologist

    This thread is fucking full of fail. All of you should be ashamed.
  17. Mr.Writer

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    This thread is terrible. Real LSD is everywhere. 100% real. Open your eyes, it's not magical pixie dust that magically stopped being made when it was illegal. Chemists are making it all around the world, it's really not difficult at all if you have a college chemistry degree or equivalent. The hardest part is getting the equipment and even that is very doable.
  18. ODB

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    I haven't heard about da blues but agree with what I made bold. What makes you so sure about da blues?
  19. Let me just ask all the people who want to argue that theres TONS of REAL LSD around.

    How do you know the LSD that you have had ( that you consider to be real LSD ) is real?

    Just answer me that....and dont tell me cause your hook up is good or someone told you it was real, and dont even bother telling me you know the chemist.
  20. AT98BooBoo

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    Try Sandoz Liquid

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