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    Sometimes the world is too overwhelming

    To much to do, to much to live up to, too much dieing

    So much that I can see the desecration and rape of my soul and I feel like crying

    But I must not but the feelings grows

    Just keep it inside and let the rage fester and grow

    For easy is not a word in my life

    It is scared and marred by pain and strife

    I work so hard and get nowhere

    For progress in my life is not like growing hair

    Nothing comes with time, only more time it seems

    I hate it all this so much I just wanna tear it at the seams

    The word is so overwhelming, I try and I try

    All I get is why are you so mad Alex, this is why

    Fuck you all! I need none of you

    This is for all the support I have shown all you

    But you haven’t reciprocated

    Now I sit here lost and jaded

    With a pen in my hand and paper in front of me

    I try to help myself, but nothing is worthy

    Your truths are thick like chocolate milk

    Is it just me or is this world on a fucking tilt

    Because I am the only one, all alone by myself

    With the feeling building inside and waining health

    I cry myself to sleep and put it back on the shelf

    For today is not the day, but it is one that is special

    I leave you with the mouth full of F.T.W.
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    i think we can all relate to this at some point.

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