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    I know I'm a psychic and I know that I have certain attributes that define that. I am in high school and I become really exhausted around half way through the day. I think it may be some symptom of me being an empath, but it's only started this school year. It affects my ability to work sometimes, if only slightly.

    Any advice would be appreciated.[​IMG]
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    Why would becoming tired halfway through the day tell you you're psychic? We're all psychic to an ability, but it highly depends on what you consider to be psychic. Gigiddy!

    I suggest taking Ephedrine when you get tired, or Amphetamine. Great drugs. Then again you could just get more sleep and eat heatly and you'll probably feel better.
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    LJDV, the rule of thumb for troubleshooting any problem--auto mechanics, computer program, medical, or what have you--is: Check the most common possible causes first, then check the less probable causes.

    If you're tired, the first diagnostic question must be: Do you get enough sleep? Seems pretty obvious, however you gave no info on this one way or another, so the question must be asked. If you're getting enough sleep, then the next step would be to look at your lifestyle and ask some pertinent questions. Are you participating in sports or some other physically exhausting activity? Are you eating nutritional foods and drinking enough fluids? Are you generally happy, or might you be depressed? Are you using any drugs that might sap your energy?

    If all these things seem okay, then we're getting into more obscure territory. It could be you have an illness. Only a doctor is equipped to diagnose that possibility. It could be you're not getting ENOUGH exercise. It could be you're allergic to something--pollen, other plant substances, or some food--or there could be something in your home or school environment that is affecting your body.

    I would look at psychic influences only after exhausting these other possibilities.

    For what it's worth, my feeling about your exhaustion is that it's nothing serious or lasting, and it will pass.

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