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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Kinky Ramona, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Kinky Ramona

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    On Thursday, news was released that a man already on trial for one (well, according to the law, 2, she was pregnant) murder has confessed to the murder of a local missing girl. She was my age, I saw her a few times at speech tournaments. Her name was Joanna Rogers. She disappeared on May 4, 2004. This guy is a sick fuck. He admitted to stuffing her body in a suitcase and her clothes in another and discarding them in the Lubbock landfill. The woman who he's on trial for murdering was also found in a suitcase. And within the same time that both of those women disappeared, another women, a 26 year old disappeared. Sounds like a serial killer case on our hands.

    I'm just really pissed that the world is so pathetic. Who are we as people to feel we have the right to decide whether someone, another human being, lives or dies? What the fuck is wrong with these sick fucks?

    I guess maybe I'm just so upset because it hits so damn close to home. This is a girl I actually passed in halls of schools we competed at, I very well may have had rounds with her (can't expect me to remember every kid from every round, heh). She was just a normal kid...and this random guy just kidnaps and murders her. What the fuck is wrong with humanity?

    The most fucked up thing about it all is the fact that they suspect he may be admitting to it in hopes of getting a plea bargain and having the chance to be paroled in 30 years. The thought of paroling a man who has murdered two, possibly three people, is revolting.

    Ack. I'm just all sorts of riled up right now. [​IMG]
  2. themnax

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    look inside yourself. you probably won't kill anyone. i hope. but there are reasons people become so frustrated and angry things like this happen.

    certianly everyone IS responsible for their own actions. but our actions also include our choice of priorities that create the motivations for others.

  3. YankNBurn

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    Im trying to figure out how anyone could pack womans clothes in 1 suite case, thy normally have so much! LOL Sorry I know wrong time for jokes. Well if he is allowed to plea bargin the one murder for release in 30 years and they do not wrap or exempt him for the other 2 then likely they are setting him up. The will get the one ever quickly and get him locked up then be allowed to collect and build a stronger case for the others and go for death penalty for them. Watch and see, its like a chess game, sacrafice a little to win in the end.
  4. Dustinthewind

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    i thought texas was a "hang em" state?

    anyways, ya it sucks when these murderers make a plea bargain like that. but ya also have to think. what other charges is he brought up on. Sometimes, (at least here) they make a plea to one of the charges and then the state gets em by adding up all the enhancements, revos and other charges that were brought against him.

    for instance, he is probably up for 1st degree murder which is a life/death, he may plea to 2nd degree,which may be the 30 years.
    for instance:
    2nd degree 30 years,
    weapon enhancement 10 to 14 years extra
    revo- parole/probation violation: if they were on probation or parole, they end up doing the time they were supposed to have done instead of being out.
    gang enhancement/weapon enhancement added to the charges 10- 14 years.

    this of course is just made up, but thats basically how they usually end up sentencing someone.

    we have a gang banger client. charged with 1st degree armed robbery, plead to second degree robbery, got 3 years for that, but then the gang enhancement kicked in, add another 10 years, then a 212.5 (someone used a weapon during the act) another year. deduct the credit for time served, good behavior etc..

    he ends up doing 14 years for a plea bargain only on the robbery which he plead to for 3 years.
  5. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    :( That's really awful
    worse yet that it takes murder for us to pay attention to the sick fucks that are out there, that we don't spot warning signs/cant' do anything about 'em ahead of time, that we have to wait for an awful crime to be committed before anyone does anything

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