Evolution, Ascendency and Me.

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by FreeWillFreeLove, May 27, 2004.

  1. Good Day All. Recently I have been wondering about mankind's ultimate destination on this planet, whether we would be around for much longer, and all that.

    I came to the conclusion that, other the last ehm few million years, consciousness has been evolving, with us humans as the latest installments of superior-minded beings (not to discredit whales dolphins or monkeys, but seriously). So is it individual entities (ents) or 'souls' that evolve. I would say yes. I believe that, through reincarnation, each soul learns something new and builds upon its past lessons, until we all reach perfection. This would need some sort of ascendancy into a higher state, no? What if all the myths and stories about the end of the world (christianity's armeggedon/judgement day, the 'end of the cycle' documented by David Icke from hundreds or thousands of religions from around the world) were actually code that was preparing us for the time when all/most of humanity would 'ascend' spiritually and physically into beings of a higher consciousness?

    Sounds Fun. If you read Icke, you know the religions of the world are a code, all fundamentally teaching the same thing. It's not the message thats the problem, its the way it's been defracted through countless spectrums of greed power and control. You'll also know that there is a beat, a frequency emitted from the centre of our galaxy, which is echoed by our sun, which is echoed ultimately by every living cell in our body. It's also well known that there is roughly as many brain cells in our brains as there are stars in our/other galaxys.

    It is also well known that on a very basic level, matter is energy, and energy is information.

    It has become clear to me that in order for us as a race to evolve we need to make our priorities very clear. Even in there is no reincarnation and we are biological computers, we need to ensure the next models are going to have a clean work area. It ain't now. Either way, we need to really sort this place out, starting with each and every one of us.

    Todays youth are the start, because we can see the shit our parents' generation have led us into by being complacent, or just too weak in their numbers.
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    i wonder about , say , 12 million years from now . i think human's will still be here on earth eating dandelions because life can never leave home . 'robots' will go to space .

    what's people gonna do if it becomes all peace and loveliness ?
  3. If/when earth becomes a wholly good place to live again, then it would involve a wholly joint effort to get it, and keep it that way.

    unfortunately the majority, and the ones with power especially, are too enamoured with our/their decadent throw-away "i'll get me another one" globalising society to think about the wider good. I'd kill myself if i thought it would do the world some good, but it probably wouldn't...

    But there are plenty of people who could benefit from that brainwave :cool:
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    Ken Wilber has developed a four quadrant theory of evolution. (He's on the web)

    In brief, we are God, in hiding, trying to find our way back to God. As we live each individual life we work to evolve toward that goal. As individuals evolve, so does humanity as a whole, In addition everything else is evolving, as everything else is also God.
    So evolution is just returning to the source.

    Now, on the human level we evolve in four different quadrants.

    1, is the "I" quadrant. This is the individual inner man. Each person travels from birth through the following levels (up to the highest point they can get to). Instinctual, Magic, Egocentric, mythic self, achiever selve, sensitive self, integral self, and holistic self.

    2, is the "It" quadrant. This is the physical individual brain system. Organic states, limbic system, neocortex, etc. Moving from basic to complex physiology.

    3. the "We" quadrant. The culture the individual lives in also evolves. Archaic, animistic-magical, power gods, mythic order, scientific-rational, pluralistic, integral, holonic.

    4. the "Its" quadrant. This is the social system and environment. Survival clans, ethnic tribes, feudal empires, early nations, corporate states, value communities, integraal commans, and holistic meshworks.

    I think the the average individual in the U.S would be somewhere around an egocentric, neocortex, scientific-rational, corporate state being.

    The middle eastern soul would be more egocentric, neocortex, mythic order (fundamental religionist), ethnic tribe or early nation being.

    The point being, evolution is not just an individual thing. It involves the person's inner being, phyiscal structure, social setting, cultural values.
  5. tikoo

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    ... and the person's children .

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