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    Everyone Poops
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    Everyone Poops (known as Minna Unchi in Japan) is a children's book written by Taro Gomi, published by Kane/Miller Book Publishers. The book tells children that all animals defecate, and that they have always been defecating.

    The book is part of the My Body Science series of books in North America, found at www.kanemiller.com.

    The book was first published in Japan by Fukuinkan Shoten, and since has been translated into numerous languages, such as English and Spanish.

    Cultural references

    In episode eleven of season two of Family Guy, "Brian in Love," Peter is recommended either Everybody Poops or Nobody Poops But You, but instead he goes with what he says is the "Catholic alternative," You're a Naughty Little Child and That's Concentrated Evil Coming Out the Back of You.
    Another episode of Family Guy features Peter, Brian, and Stewie singing a song called "The Freakin' FCC." One line, in reference to censorship of jokes about bowel movements, features Stewie saying, "Any baby with a brain could tell them everybody poops!" while holding up a copy of Everybody Poops.
    In The Simpsons episode "Margical History Tour", Lisa needs to do a history report, however the library only has useless books, such as "Itchy & Scratchy Books on Tape", "Yu-Gi-Oh! Price Guides", and "Everyone Poops: The Video".
    Funny book... My sister gave it to me as a gift.
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    It's a funny, often overlooked book.
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    Wow the other books on that page are funny too. I don't remember these when I was a kid. ;)
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    Both kids and adults will find this picture book very interesting as well as really good fun – and hopefully it might even encourage reluctant poopers to get their business done.

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    Next time youre reading on the throne, imagine Oprah taking a shit,


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