Ever Read George Orwell's '1984'?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimbee68, Aug 18, 2020.

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    Violators shall be reported , recommended to the Terrorist Watch List .
    Loss of phone service is the first thing to go .
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    Freedom is Slavery
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    In Spain the book is becoming a reality, we have a government obsessed with everyone thinking in a certain way, which here is called "POLITICALLY CORRECT", the government dictates that expressions and thoughts must be correct for its citizens. But now they want to go even further, they want to censor information from television, newspapers and even the internet, because they say that there is a lot of false news that damages real information and is producing disinformation among the population, that is, the government will tell us which information is real and which is false, which is clearly a violation of the right to freedom of information. Fortunately, as a member of Europe, the Community bodies have already said that they will study this law very carefully to ensure that it does not violate any rights, and journalists' associations have also already filed complaints about the unconstitutionality of the law. But the problem is that the government has these ideas and the desire for power and control behind its actions. It is not a law that is necessary, because if there is false news that harms any person or institution, we already have laws and courts to avoid these actions being judged and a judge deciding in his court, but what the government wants is to control the information and to be able to eliminate the news that it considers, unilaterally, to be false without any more protocols.
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    ^^^^^^ Sea_mermaid -
    This is why, in any FREE society - it's IMPERATIVE to have a free press ......... unaltered and unobstructed by ANY government - no matter what political ideology is in power at any point in time. Any political ideology can get too entrenched, too greedy, too hungry for power (and the subsequent lust to stay in power) - so a free press/media is needed to bring TRUTH to all the people. TRUTH stands alone - by itself - and there is NO ALTERNATE TRUTH - or "alternate facts." Truth and facts stand alone ........ PERIOD.

    If any country's citizens choose to only view "news" or "facts" that they want to believe - without researching other points of view, or even considering them - then those citizens are guilty of being willfully blind to TRUTH. Sadly ............ here in the U.S. ........... there are still LEMMINGS who deny the truth, refuse to recognize facts, refuse to accept that the American citizens have FIRED TRUMP, and it's been the most watched, scrutinized, secure election in our history ............ confirmed even by members of Trump's own party. The LEMMINGS drank the "Trump Kool-Ade" and believe everything the record-setting liar says - even when all evidence points to his loss, and his disgraceful response to the Covid-19 global pandemic will be a judgement on him .......... and he CANNOT change it.

    Just think where we'd be in the U.S. if the only news sources were one's Trump allowed to function. The very, VERY SAD part of this is .......... so many bought into TRUMP ............. TRUMP of all people ............ and disregard the mask-wearing, social distancing, stay-home advice of the REAL MEDICAL EXPERTS ............. and are now DEAD because of Trump's denials of the seriousness of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The number of dead now stands at 270,000 people here in the U.S. --------- more than any other country. New records being set every day because of Trump's LIES about Covid-19. The Trump-believers are stacking up like flies in hospitals and morgues all around the country.

    This is the price of willfully ignoring medical FACTS & truthful news media - and instead choosing to be a LEMMING, following an incompetent idiot, as well as the enabling, custom-tailored, lying news media Trump fawned over. The deaths and misery are on Trump's head ............ and he CANNOT ESCAPE IT.

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    ^^^^^^^^ Sad update ..........Covid-19 deaths are now over 280,000. GOD love them all.
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    I always felt that the thrust of that story was a little morbid without actually knowing well the plot, and that the premises were abstract. Clearly way ahead of the game, but almost paranoid in its predictions, "1984" never managed to pique enough curiosity in my mind for me to read it. I think I did pick it up once, but put it back down.

    Now "Brave New World" on the other hand... it had me, and is arguably just as far fetched and bizarre. But BNW was sort of introduced by a guy in boarding school who I thought was so cool! He had dreadlocks and was into the Grateful Dead! :D I was in 8th grade then, and I hadn't lived on the edge but for a month before my parents had enrolled me (emotional growth therapeutic boarding school as it were - 2 years 10 months later I was back in black... different story though). Anyway, I bought into Brave New World because it made me cooler or something.

    I think that 1984 was of my father's generation (1949); and of course so was BNW, but both were timeless tragedies IMO; though I spent little time with the former. And then there's "The War of the Worlds"
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    Republicans and Democrats believe this.

    Both parties suck,they just keep partying.
  9. Nudegardner

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    I believe
    Democrats want this removed,but you believe Republicans want this removed.

    Hey ,dude,government is not our friend.

    Partisan politics will kill us both.
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    Orwell was a hack, a pretty good one, but a hack, and he missed the blatantly obvious, that the issue is lies. What appears to have happened is that the discovery of Aristotelian logic allowed the entire western hemisphere to organize along the lines of chickens. Forty years of extensive studies concluded the republican party organizes along the lines of a flock of chickens, and half of them insist the sun revolves around the earth. I conducted my own informal survey for over a decade, only to confirm that almost nobody knew the dictionary merely contains popular definitions, while over half admitted to making up their own. The idiots are arguing over the dictionary, encouraging a culture of liars and bullshitters, with even their teachers insisting the English language only has one grammar, when it has two, and refusing to even attempt to teach children how to use a stupid dictionary, share their words, and play nice, which is only for Quakers and total losers.

    There are no less than 17 widely recognized types of atheism, which are all bullshit. They're communist propaganda that was designed to be used to argue meaningless bullshit with idiots. Richard Dawkins is an Oxford evolutionary theorist and leader of militant atheists, who invented his nonsense word "meme" and encouraged millions to babble gibberish for years, before linguists gave the word a meaningful definition. Its amazing what you can learn when you comprehend how people abuse words. Note that atheists are famous for being popular with both the wealthy and communists, while religions tend to thrive in the most corrupt and dysfunctional societies. The two will abuse the dictionary nonstop, muddying the water as much as possible, encourage people to lie and believe lies, suppressing any genuine salt-of-the-earth politics. In communist China today, atheists are converting to Christianity in record numbers, while a strong majority of the thriving democracies with extensive social safety nets, merely describe themselves as spiritual or agnostic. The similarities between communists and organized religion are related to their dedication to Aristotelian logic, their lack of a sense of humor, and their idiotic attempts to play with the dictionary nonstop, which ensures the two only start to resemble each other more.

    Their lies are becoming their undoing, because their own technology is making all the lies progressively unsustainable, and their populations are imploding.
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    When a Soviet defector was interviewed by reporters, he was asked what it was like living in the free world and he said, "We knew we were being lied to!" American propaganda is infamous for being subtle, and George Orwell was merely complaining that Soviet propaganda is too shallow.
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    But in capitalist societies that generally means that those with the wealth to do so own and dictate what the media say or in the case of the internet disrupt it through click bait.
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    In 1984 there was the Ministry of Truth today we have the wealth sponsored think tanks and foundations, their jobs are very similar
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    In over a century, nobody has ever documented the existence of common sense anywhere in the world. Despite the complete lack of common sense in the world today, a strong majority of Americans tend to ignore anything they believe contradicts common sense, while over 40% casually spread fake news and misinformation on social websites. Fuck the government, its the idiots all around you that are destroying your mind.
  15. Balbus

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    I’ve written before here about ‘common sense’ – common sense – is basically what is commonly thought to be true by someone at any one time – it is therefore likely to be subjective and limited

    But it can also be molded and manipulated
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    Comprehending common sense requires networking systems logic, because it is so mindless people are forced to organize along the lines of a flock of chickens, the simplest possible way they can organize. The entire civilized world is organized like chickens, and the problem is not how they are being manipulated, because they are fucking chickens, and will believe almost anything you repeat often enough. Seriously, a quarter of them still insist the sun revolves around the earth, because common sense doesn't exactly inspire confidence in your fellow man. The issue is a linguistic one, and I have dissected the English language and figured out how to mock the bastards in the public domain, for killing their own students, and how to teach people how to exploit their own teachers. They will either learn how to teach children to be social animals to some significant extent, or die faster.
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    Hey DUUUUUUUUUDE ........... if you want to be controlled and have NO SAY in who runs the country you live in ............... move to Russia or China or N. Korea. Then you'll have the dictatorship you seem to have sucked into .................. DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE.

    The government becomes an enemy when the citizenry doesn't have the spine or drive to educate itself as to which party is doing what ..... and for who. An apathetic, poorly-educated electorate is the BEST TOOL the rich, powerful, well-placed OLIGARCH-TYPES have to keep the status quo and remain untouchable................. DUUUUUUUUUDE.

    Learn a new term ............... DUUUUUUUUUDE.
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