Ever live on the streets?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by TerminalMadness, May 16, 2004.

  1. raven23

    raven23 Member

    I am homeless (in a sense, cause home is a state of mind and I have an RV now, so that's my home, but I'm a nomad). I've spent the past year wandering North America. Dude, if you really want to live outside, stay on the move, hitch around, see the country. If nothing is holding you down it's worth the trip. I sold hemp jewelry to survive, had a great adventure and met my wife and now we travel around helping people. Stay away from the shelters and soup kitchens and please do dumpster dive. In the past year I ate a shelters in just one town. they will bring you down. Those are our brothers and sisters there, but too many of them are lost and confused and will just depress the hell out of you. Dont look at it as homelessness, look at it as a spiritual quest. Hey, Jesus wandered around without a home!
  2. TerrapinRose

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    It's been a real long time since I thought about this stuff. yeah,I use to live on the streets about a million years ago.I lived in a squat on Avenue C in the '80s and in San Francisco in a crash pad with about a zillion other hippies in the early '90s. Krishna food,dumpster diving,soup kitchens...weird to feel almost nostalgic for all that.Guess it's a sign I'm getting old. I don't know,the world seems different now but it's probably just me. Whatever you do be careful out there,lots of good stuff will happen to you but lots of bad stuff will probably happen to you as well,it did to me.Think about your life.Find your way. Good luck to you.
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    Wow, Trose...I lived in a squat on avenue C behind tompkins square park, back in...1970.

    Bad things do happen to good people, especially if they are out on the streets, very bad things happened to me in that city....
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    Being on the street, your job will be seeking shelter.Take advantage of your situation and save your money,make a goal to see how much you can put aside in a month.Make a plan and it will come together , count down 30 days,29,28,27... Make a plan Man! :)
  5. Hey, I totally agree with raven23. My 2.5 year experience of living outside (this is the way I prefer to call it) taught me that there is nothing better than California climate wise. It is an adventure, to live here, just avoid being alone, try stay with friends. I live in the hotel room now, but sometimes miss sleeping outside, yeah. Of course, my preferred places to stay are parks and forests, not cities, - too crowdy for me. From the spiritual point of view, life is directed by God, and if we sometimes have no choice but to live outside, that means only one thing: By Goddess's mercy, you are chosen to find the closeness to the Mother Nature on much more intimate level than the average person who spends half of his conscious life watching a TV. And believe me or not, you will be different person after that experience.

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