EU Borders Install Lie Detectors

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by wooleeheron, Nov 2, 2018.

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    The use of this kind of technology has been extremely low keyed and kept under the radar whenever possible, which is why its use is about to become pervasive. Already companies are using AI to interview job applicants, and soon enough AI will be able to keep track of every little white lie you spout online. Forget about cameras following you around in public, the AI will be able to practically read every thought you have as if you were as transparent as a child.

    Imagine every cop carrying around a lie detector that has a display in their sunglasses. Once the public realizes they have surrendered completely to the authorities, and disenfranchised themselves, the crap will hit the fan. Neo-Nazis are already using Facebook to blackball people. They are dividing the country into white and nonwhite, empowered and disenfranchised. The AI are becoming so powerful they can recognize you by just how you walk, read your lips, and can dissect anything you say for someone else to analyze later. Using a simple EEG, they can practically read your mind and take photographs.

    Its one thing to know or suspect they are spying on you and control everything, and another to be confronted with the reality in your everyday life. It makes denying you have been disenfranchised make you look like a complete idiot. Anyone can already buy a cellphone with a lie detector built in, and teachers may want to use them to deal with cheating in the classroom. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat! By using bots with AI lie detectors to encourage the idiots to fight amongst themselves. In fact, they are so stupid, and lie about everything, you don't even really need the lie detector for many of them.

    The real advantage of using a lie detector, is to encourage them to keep arguing until the crows fly home, by giving them a good challenge and making them feel as if they've actually won something. If arguing is all they want to do, if arguing is all they are really accomplishing, then it makes no damned difference and helps them to disenfranchise themselves even more, so other people can get business done. Call it free entertainment or a public service, but there's no reason not to make arguing with machines widely available to all the people out there lying to themselves and insisting they know the truth and what the hell they are accomplishing.
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  2. My understanding has always been that lie detector technology isn't very reliable. In the United States it is rejected for use in court proceedings.

    I have fears about an Orwellian government. I feel like that's the direction we're going. Looks to be not far off.
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    The lie detector you can buy with a cellphone is more accurate than the ones the courts use, and their accuracy is about to exceed that of the one in two hundred humans that is practically a walking lie detector. Forget about Orwell, his biggest mistake was not having a sense of humor. People are simply just as stupid as they are smart, and often too smart for their own good. The Soviet Union was destined to fall apart fast, because the idiots were burning the candle at both ends, just as the US is doing today.

    Modern technology is helping them to burn the candle at both ends even faster, requiring the entire world to reorganize and all use the same kind of AI to help humanity survive. Marx is about to find out just how stupid mechanical views of economics really are, because nothing beats people actually talking and sharing their thoughts and feelings honestly. When the AI starts to laugh at people and explain the consequences of their actions as if they were children, they will eventually catch on. The AI can even tell them how to organize in large numbers to accomplish things differently, while laughing at their political leaders.

    Imagine Donald Duck banning the use of lie detectors, as unAmerican.
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    It's easy to beat a lie detector.
    Remember, it's not a lie, if you believe it. :)
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    Someone should make a website with a lie detector that can demonstrate to anyone's satisfaction just how transparent they really are. If Hipforums put something like that in, they could become the first. Already lie detectors range from perhaps 83% accurate to about 95%, and the current research in AI will make them even more efficient and accurate. Theoretically, pushing 100% accuracy. The only reason that we don't demand the use of lie detectors for everyone involved in a legal dispute, is because our societies are corrupt as hell. The idea of honesty in commercial marketing and weapons sales is something only Vaudeville would contemplate.
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