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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by Paz, May 12, 2004.

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    how do you make a mixture with essential oils for your hair, you know, to make it smell good. what do yiou mix it with and does it work with dreads?
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    don't know if this will help....I mix a few drops of champa in my cream rinse...shake it up good before using. I don't know about dreads; but for my granddaughter's hair (she is black, I'm not) I leave the cream rinse on (don't rinse out) .
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    Most essentil oils have to be mixed in something or they will burn the skin. The only ones that you can apply without a base are lavendar, tea tree, and chamomile. Lavendar would smell good in your hair. Or you could mix the other oils in a bit of canola oil.

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    Monoi Oil and pure almond oil will give the hair a nice sheen. Use only a few drops, rub in both hands and distribute through the hair. Do this VERY lightly with your dreads. You don't want build up.

    I also like to mix spring water with a squeeze of good conditioner and a few drops of neroli, lavender or monoi to keep my hair smelling good. Mix it up in a mister and you're good to go. Makes a great lightweight leave in conditioner. (if you can do this with dreads)
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    for dreads, you're not going to want to mix the essentials with a carrier or a conditioner, as the stuff will stay in your dreads and build up, not to mention preventing then from locking up. there are other oils that can be used neat, but lavender is a good one, and it has the added benefit of helping to keep nasties like lice and mold out of your hair. i use a blend of lavender and patchouli on mine, as the patchouly is a little better at fighting dandruff and mold than the lavender. tea tree is of course the best for those things, but i think it smells horrible.

    i suggest you add some essential oil to the final rinse water if you want to scent your dreads with an oil that needs to be diluted. i use a cider vinegar rinse to clean my dreads, as i've horrible hard water and can't use even natural soap without build-up, and i add the oils to that. if you use lemon juice on your dreads, pick an oil or two that blend well with lemon and add them to the lemon juice.

    lavender and basil are often used together to scent hair, but dilute the basil, as the pure essential oil is toxic.
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    I've never thought of using essential oils for my hair... but I suppose you can mix a couple drops with some water and just do a light spray in your hair...

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