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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by quantum0menace, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. i met with my ex few days ago (he broke up after 5 years of realationship and living together)..

    and last night i dreamt that we met somewhere... and that i approached him and gave him a hug... and when i hugged him that i felt that he is getting an erection...

    so i interpreted it this way: when we met i subconsciously realized he still loves me, and that he overacame obstacles and that we are ready for a fresh start. i thought i should email him what i still feel for him, and that we would start off again...

    what do u think of that?

    tonight my friends said they saw him out with this chick, apparently his new gf... so, shit, ha?


    im so sad..........
  2. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    there is nothing you can do but move on.

    i know it hurts knowing he is with another woman, but he has the right to date other woman now that he isn't being held down to just you.

    after 5 years, he probably just wants to explore a little bit.

    the girl he is with now is most likely just a rebound girlfriend and won't be with her for long, anyways.

    just stay strong :)
  3. thats what i thought, at first,

    but they are messing for few months now...

    and i jsut kinda comming to realize it.. although, ive been hinted about it before, just couldnt believe it...

    and im wondering... was it going on while we were still together?
    not that it would make a difference now....

    i just have these opsessive feelings and thoughts about them... very unhelathy...

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