Erotic Massage for Wife?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by StarVoyager, Jan 10, 2021.

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    All, looking for advice. Have any of you set your wife up for an erotic massage? Not sex but just some erotic touching, grazing, etc? My wife has always got massages from women but have always wanted to get her an erotic massage with a male masseuse with some extra attention to get her juices flowing. Good idea, bad idea, or opening Pandoras box? I would only set it up with someone who would allow me to discreetly watch or video it. As a woman, what would you think if your husband did this? This may just have to stay in my fantasy world but always thinking of it.
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  2. MasseurNaturel

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    As a massage therapist myself I'd suggest this is a bad idea. I have had husbands set up massage appointments for their wife, typically as a birthday present. If a lady has a preference for a female masseuse she is unlikely to welcome a male masseur. If she does it is entirely her choice what, if any, extra attention she gets. Some love extra attention, far more than their husband may have hoped for, but I doubt their husband gets to find out. But most of all it would be totally confidential, and no-one professional masseur is going to let you watch or film it.
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