Ergot Recipies?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Terrapin Flyer, Jun 6, 2004.

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    any of you kids have any good ergot recipies? (i know a million of yall are gonna post somthin' about erowid)

    ~shine on in love and light~
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    As part of the infamious Eleusinian rites. The large sacred religious Rituals preformed in the city of Eleusis (15 miles NW of athens) were preported by the Wasson-Hoffman-Ruck model to include "WATER BASED ERGOT EXTRACTIONS". Why the fuck is it that the greeks were brewin up 'acid on tap' but 2000 years later we have no simple formula like theirs?
  3. Terrapin Flyer

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    ive heard somthings about a vinegar and alchohol method but i dont want to mess it up.

    ~shine on in love and light~
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    What I'm trying to find is a much more efective and perminent solution... using a different sepcies of Ergot than is used for LSD(rye ergot)... This other species is significantly easier to use without giving yourself rye poisioning cause there is some nasty stuff in ergot of rye as well as the goodies... I discuss the species and ways we could grow lots of it fairly easily on my other thread...

    If this secueeds it could mean amazing things for the psychedelic front...

  5. gnrm23

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    our culture does not have the "social machinery" in place for rites such as the kykeon-fueled eleusinian mysteries...
    (& most greek were initiated into the cult just once!)
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    AMgnrm23our culture does not have the "social machinery" in place for rites such as the kykeon-fueled eleusinian mysteries...
    (& most greek were initiated into the cult just once!)

    Well... I agree, our culture/socity does not have the "machinery" in place for Kykeon... Or any other psychedelic for that mater. However I don't believe that there is much more "time" to lose in the persuit of a more enlightened and intelegent humanity and I believe that until humans find a way to 'smoothly' incouperate psychedelics and/or true spiritual worship into their culture/socity we will still live in a world dominated by agression, greed, competition, and jus' plain ignorance.

    Today Alcohol is the only real intoxicant (tobacoo is a big fucking joke) that is universaly excepted as a staple. Why just alcohol? That really is quite simple... alcohol is one of the drugs where the user takes away almost no insight or higher perspective, just a visceraly amusing intoxication. Even mild drugs like cannabis which give you a slightly higher consciouness are illigal. Why? because from that higher perspective (especially with psychedelics) you can see the real importance/value of socity and anyone who's seen it knows what I mean... 'they' or socity simply dosn't want you to see it this way because then the 'Lexus' and 'White picket fence' no longer would have very much appeal. They don't want you to know that they are all part of 'the great delusion', that state of existance that 'My culture' is literally at war with. Who wants a socity bulit on delusion?

    The reason I want this formula for KYKEON to work is the same reason that bush/chaney/rumsfeld buy a new model tank for their filthy war. I wanna take the formula and start a "psychedelic revolution" of a sort. Kykeon is notably less potent and problably different alkloidal structure than that of LSD... which is a good thing, if you like to trip hard prepare yours stronger, but for the most part, tons of people could ingest this i.e. big beuitiful festivals where we can 'worship' in the real sense of the word without such high chances of having tons of 'bad trips'.

    When faced with a large organized and corupt church and state govenrment Jesus decided with axe in had to 'storm the temple' and confront the 'high priests' head on. I have concluded that this is the only way to free humany from it current condition of cognative tryany.

  7. 73h_6r347_0n3

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    The Culture and Extraction of Ergot Alkaloids

    Make up a culture medium by combining the following ingredients in about
    500 milliliters of distilled water in a 2 liter, small-neck flask:

    Sucrose .......................................... 100 grams
    Chick pea meal .................................... 50 grams
    Calcium nitrate ..................................... 1 gram
    Monopotassium phosphate ......................... 0.25 grams
    Magnesium sulphate .............................. 0.25 grams
    Potassium chloride ............................. 0.125 grams
    Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate ................... 8.34 milligrams
    Zinc sulphate heptahydrate ...................... 3.44 milligrams

    Add water to make up one liter, adjust pH 4 with ammonia solution and
    citric acid. Sterile by autoclaving.

    Inoculate the sterilized medium with Claviceps purpurea under sterile
    conditions, stopper with sterilized cotton and incubate for two weeks
    periodically testing and maintaining pH 4. After two weeks a surface
    culture will be seen on the medium. Large-scale production of the
    fungus can now begin.

    Obtain several ordinary 1 gallon jugs. Place a two-hole stopper in
    the necks of the jugs. Fit a short (6 inch) glass tube in one hole,
    leaving 2 inches above the stopper. Fit a short rubber tube to this.
    Fill a small (500 milliliter) Erlenmeyer flask with a dilute solution
    of sodium hypochlorite, and extend a glass tube from the rubber tube
    so the end is immersed in the hypochlorite. Fit a long, glass tube in
    the other stopper hole. It must reach near the bottom of the jug and
    have about two inches showing above the stopper. Attach a rubber tube
    to the glass tube as short or as long as desired, and fit a short glass
    tube to the end of the rubber tube. Fill a large, glass tube (1 inch x
    6 inches) with sterile cotton and fit 1-hole stoppers in the ends.
    Fit the small, glass tube in end of the rubber tube into 1 stopper of
    the large tube. Fit another small glass tube in the other stopper.
    A rubber tube is connected to this and attached to a small air pump
    obtained from a tropical fish supply store. You now have a set-up for
    pumping air from the pump, through the cotton filter, down the long
    glass tube in the jug, through the solution to the air space in the top
    of the jug, through the short glass tube, down to the bottom of the
    Erlenmeyer flask and up through the sodium hypochlorite solution into
    the atmosphere. With this aeration equipment you can assure a supply
    of clean air to the Claviceps purpurea fungus while maintaining a
    sterile atmosphere inside the solution.

    Dismantle the aerators. Place all the glass tubes, rubber tubes,
    stoppers and cotton in a paper bag, seal tight with wire staples
    and sterilize in an autoclave.

    Fill the 1-gallon jugs 2/3 to 3/4 full with the culture medium and

    While these things are being sterilized, homogenize in a blender the
    culture already obtained and use it to inoculate the media in the
    gallon jugs. The blender must be sterile. Everything must be sterile.

    Assemble the aerators. Start the pumps. A slow bubbling in each jug
    will provide enough oxygen to the cultures. A single pump can, of
    course, be connected to several filters.

    Let everything sit a room temperature (25 C) in a fairly dark place
    (never expose ergot alkaloids to bright light - they decompose) for
    a period of ten days.

    After ten days adjust the culture to 1% ethanol using 95% ethanol
    under sterile conditions. Maintain growth for another two weeks.

    After total of 24 days growth period the culture should be considered
    mature. Make the culture acidic with tartaric acid and homogenize in
    a blender for one hour.

    Adjust to pH 9 with ammonium hydroxide and extract with benzene or
    chloroform/iso-butanol mixture.

    Extract again with alcoholic tartaric acid and evaporate in a vacuum
    to dryness. The dry material in the salt (i.e., the tartaric acid salt,
    the tartrate) of the ergot alkaloids, and is stored in this form because
    the free basic material is too unstable and decomposes readily in the
    presence of light, heat, moisture and air.

    To recover the free base for extraction of the amide of synthesis to
    LSD, make the tartrate basic with ammonia to pH 9, extract with chloroform
    and evaporate in vacuo.

    If no source of pure Claviceps purpurea fungus can be found, it may be
    necessary to make a field trip to obtain the ergot growths from rye or
    other cereal grasses. Rye grass is by far the best choice. The ergot will
    appear as a blackish growth on the tops of the rye where the seeds are
    and are referred to as "heads of ergot." From these heads of ergot sprout
    the Claviceps purpurea fungi. They have long steams with bulbous heads when
    seen under a strong glass or microscope. It is these that must be removed
    from the ergot, free from contamination, and used to inoculate the culture
    media. The need for absolute sterility cannot be overstressed. Consult any
    elementary text on bacteriology for the correct equipment and procedures.
    Avoid prolonged contact with ergot compounds, as they are poisonous and
    can be fatal.

    SYNTHESIS : A solution of 6.7 g KOH in 100 mL H2O, under an inert atmosphere and magnetically stirred, was brought to 75 °C, and 10 g ergotamine tartrate (ET) added. The reaction mixture turned yellow as the ergotamine went into solution over the course of 1 h. The stirring was continued for an additional 3 h. The reaction mixture was cooled to about 10 °C with an external ice bath, and acidified to a pH of about 3.0 by the dropwise addition of 2.5 N H2SO4. White solids started to appear early in the neutralization; approximately 60 mL of sulfuric acid was required. The reaction mixture was cooled overnight, the solids removed by filtration, and the filter cake washed with 10 mL Et2O. The dry solids were transferred to a beaker, suspended in 50 mL 15 % ammonia in anhydrous ethanol, stirred for 1 h, and separated by decantation. This extraction was repeated, and the original decantation and the second extract combined and filtered to remove a few hundred milligrams of unwanted solids. The clear filtrate was stripped of solvent under vacuum, the residual solids dissolved in 50 mL of 1% aqueous ammonia, and this solution was acidified as before with 2.5 N H2SO4. The precipitated solids were removed by filtration and washed with Et2O until free of color. After drying under vacuum to a constant weight, there was obtained 3.5 g of d-lysergic acid hydrate, which should be stored in a dark, sealed container.

    A suspension of 3.15 g d-lysergic acid hydrate and 7.1 g of diethylamine in 150 mL CHCl3 was brought to reflux with stirring. With the external heating removed, there was added 3.4 g POCl3 over the course of 2 min, at a rate sufficient to maintain refluxing conditions. The mixture was held at reflux for an additional 5 min, at which point everything had gone into solution. After returning to room temperature, the solution was added to 200 mL of 1 N NH4OH. The phases were separated, the organic phase dried over anhydrous MgSO4, filtered, and the solvent removed under vacuum. The residue was chromatographed over alumina with elution employing a 3:1 C6H6/CHCl3 mixture, and the collected fraction stripped of solvent under hard vacuum to a constant weight. This free-base solid can be recrystallized from benzene to give white crystals with a melting point of 87-92 °C. IR (in cm-1): 750, 776, 850, 937 and 996, with the carbonyl at 1631. The mass spectrum of the free base has a strong parent peak at mass 323, with sizable fragments at masses of 181, 196, 207 and 221.

    This base was dissolved in warm, dry MeOH, using 4 mL per g of product. There was then added dry d-tartaric acid (0.232 g per g of LSD base), and the clear warm solution treated with Et2O dropwise until the cloudiness did not dispel on continued stirring. This opaqueness set to a fine crystalline suspension (this is achieved more quickly with seeding) and the solution allowed to crystallize overnight in the refrigerator. Ambient light should be severely restricted during these procedures. The product was removed by filtration, washed sparingly with cold methanol, with a cold 1:1 MeOH/Et2O mixture, and then dried to constant weight. The white crystalline product was lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate with two molecules of methanol of crystallization, with a mp of about 200 °C with decomposition, and weighed 3.11 g (66%). Repeated recrystallizations from methanol produced a product that became progressively less soluble, and eventually virtually insoluble, as the purity increased. A totally pure salt, when dry and when shaken in the dark, will emit small flashes of white light.
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    Be careful, ergot can be very poisonous and give you gangrene if you are not careful with it.
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    I think the theory that they were eating psychedelic mushrooms is infinitely more likely, and a dirty ergot wash is not going to be anywhere near LSD, it's going to be a whole punch of semi-toxic stuff. Either way they were definitely not doing what we know as LSD.
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    No one really knows what was in Kykeon and modern archioligits are not keen on the idea that anyone in the ancient world would drink anything but wine, so no one really looks into it. But there is evidence it had some sort of LSx compound.

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