Equivalent of Screaming 'FIRST AMENDMENT!' in Other Countries?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimbee68, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. Jimbee68

    Jimbee68 Member

    Something I have wondered for some time now. In this country (the US), when the government or some government entity violates your free speech (generally called 'freedom of expression' in other countries--see I know a little bit ;) ), people all scream 'FIRST AMENDMENT! FIRST AMENDMENT!'

    What do they scream in other countries? The UK? France? Russia? The European Union? You get the picture.

    And I might as well make this a twofer. What do they scream in the aforementioned places when they violate your right against self-incrimination? We plead the fifth. What do they do? And by all means offer any other example of any other right you think would benefit the discussion.

  2. ~Zen~

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    I'm sure @Vladimir Illich will have a word or three to say about this topic!

    I've lived round the world in places where 'freedom of speech' or any rights at all simply do not exist.

    For example, in Thailand you can be executed for insulting the royals.
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  3. scratcho

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    They more than likely scream : please--don't hit me again!:eek:
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  4. wooleeheron

    wooleeheron Brain Damaged Lifetime Supporter

    Note that Donald Duck runs his mouth nonstop, accusing people of whatever the fuck he wants, knowing he can drag it out in court for twenty years. When the Native Americans complained their treaties were being violated, the supreme court laughed at them. Fuck Them All, Donald Duck and Global Warming are simply incompatible, and its time to change the game, with a little digital slight of hand, confusing the identity of who is actually a human being online, forcing the fucking idiots to actually adopt a morality, or be laughed at. The supreme court can go to hell, for selling us all down the river, along with congress.

    They will find out the hard way, the price of fucking around with the entire world, merely playing around with semantics, when they can't even use a dictionary.

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