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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by TattoedAquarian, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    Have any of you ever had an epiphany? If so, could you share?

    Dictionary Definition of Epiphany - Sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something / an intuitive grasp of reality through something.

    The most recent 'epiphany' of mine (I think of an 'epiphany' as more of a life chaning realization of sorts) was another one about possessions. I very much agree with Chuck Palahniuk's views on the topic from his book, Fight Club. "The things you own eventually end up owning you." I completely agree, and have agreed many times, but then after awhile I always cave in and by something that I know I don't need. It's hard to find a balance.
  2. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    I dunno if I'd call it an epiphany,

    but I do realise I was kinda being a jerk the other day,

    So I wanna apologize to you.

    Try not to hold the fact that I'm a jerk aginst me. [​IMG]
  3. juggla

    juggla Member

    i was on 1200mg of dxm and i realized my living room consisted of the whole known universe.
  4. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

  5. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    i havent had any epiphany's latley...the only one i can actually think of at the moment was when i got my very first guitar. Well...i suppose it was a few years down the road really when i came to the relization that music is the greatest thing that has happened in my life.
  6. prism

    prism :o

    I have recently realized that I am not a nice person....and most of the time, I don't really care about it.
  7. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    ~Lodui - Thanks. It's okay. I actually couldn't recall you, or anyone, being mean to me. In fact, I don't really remember the last time anyone was mean enough to offend me - I have pretty thick skin, which is odd because hardly anyone is ever mean to me... So i suppose you have no need to worry about stuff being held against you, all is forgiven and truly forgotten because i've really already forgotten it... - (I'm not sure if your quote was supposed to be funny but i found it humorous).

    ~juggla - I've never done dxm (or even heard of it for that matter). In fact I only smoke pot and have eaten shrooms a few times. I've been wanting to do ecstasy rolls with my boyfriend really bad, but he's been 'straight edge' for i think the past 6 months or so, so i'm trying to respect that although i don't really understand his reasons... Was it a good feeling that you felt in your living room? Do you still feel that way now that you've returned to your original state of mind?

    ~lover/young... - I don't know how to resond to that... so... um... Good. Thanks. (Sorry i don't have a better reply.)

    ~rhasta.penguin - Awesome. I think it's awesome that you've made such a great realization. (congrats, man) Music is truely magical... "Keep on keep'in on".

    ~prism - I really dug your reply. It's cool to see that you are actually willing to look at yourself from the outside and see what/how you really are, even if you see something that isn't the most 'flattering', if you will (sorry - couldn't think of a better word). I've actually had a lot of conversations about how most of the 'worst people Hitler, Khan, Mesolinie, etc.) never really thought of themselves as 'bad people' but now we look back at history and there's usually not even a question in people's minds of whether they were 'good' or 'evil'. THansk for sharing and being honest - not for being honest with me, but for being honest with yourself. I wish you nothing but the best...
  8. jay

    jay Member

    Il share a few that i have had in my life

    That my parents had sex

    That all in all it dosent really matter
    The true meaning of life is there is no meaning, the purpose is no purpose, and its sence is nonsence
    -Alan Watts

    the more i think i about it the more it seems to be true and that has really changed me for the better
  9. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    ~jay - I'm glad you're still here to tell the tale of your realization that your parents... you know... i don't want to make this hurt for you anymore than it has to so i won't mention the 'unfortunateness'. - Most people spontaneously combust when they accept that truth... (all in good fun, i have nothing against your parents but you get what i'm trying and failing to get at...)
    About the second one you mentioned, i've spent time here and there in my life trying to live by that philosophy, but i couldn't. My mind could grasp the concept easily and realize that i'd probably have a much more relaxed life if i lived my life thinking that was true, but my stupid feelings got in the way, again... Bah! - why must i have such a big concience! (i'm pretty sure i mispelled that word so you may have to use context clues to figure it out... Let me know if you have any problems...)
  10. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    i realized a couple of years ago that i don't want the average life. house, boring job and all that. i want to do something different with my life.
  11. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    ~carnelian - Yeah. - I know exactly how you feel! (The girl in your pisture by the way is gorgeous!) I had my hair the same color for awhile last year...
  12. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    I realised that humans are basically animals with words to put their feelings into.
  13. spooner

    spooner is done.

    juggla are you shitting me? i did just over a gram of dxm once and it was the worst fucking feeling of my life. spent 7 hours on a toilet alternatively shitting and puking. i'm never gonna do more then 700 again, and usually less then that
  14. Ellied

    Ellied Senior Member

    hmm well not too sure what an epiphany is but i have realise how stupid it is to get totally drunk and make a fool of yourself, ive never drunk since. alcohol thAT is.
  15. fede

    fede Member

    I'm perfectly agree with you.
    :) me too, i discovered that all the life that I was doing is sheet
    ... but I'm not sure what I want from my life.
    And you?
  16. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    DUDE, please tell me where you got your signature picture!!!

    On the subject of not wanting an ordinairy life....I think i've always known that...On the subject of epiphanys....um....
  17. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    ~StonerBill - (love the sn and sig. pics by the way) True... Nothing really to add onto that that i'm pretty sure you haven't thought of already, so um... yeah.
  18. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    Mountain Dew is Awesome. Mmmm... My favorite beverage to enjoy when stoned or when playing video games. (by far)
  19. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    No matter what we are talking about, we are always saying something about ourselves...

    (My apologies for the above post - I don't usually get stoned by myself but every so often when i do i like to interact with others so i usually end up making stupid phone calls or coming on here and making stupid posts...)
  20. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    "We don't have any problems, we only think we do"

    So simple and yet so true and profound. I'm going to keep giving this mode of thinking a shot... (so far so good!)

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