ephedrine/pseudoephedrine over dose?

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by snufkin, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. snufkin

    snufkin Guest

    hi :)
    i wold like to know what is the over dose of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and pseudoephedrine hci?
    and what is the (mind) effect diffrences?
    (you know what. body effect to)

    and - how much (now you probbly understand..) Paracetamol cold be overdose?

    but i dont mean dien overdose, but evry serious damage that not worth that high

    and if thare is somthing that be good to know this ephedrine jurney, it be will great to know :)

    tans alot. i dont talk (or write) alot, becose most of the, im readin and i dont have alot to give :)

    tnks for evrything :)
  2. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    ok.. so I dont know if your high or just cant write but DONT TAKE PARACETAMOL TO GET HIGH!
    That shit is deadly.destroys your liver very fast..

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