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    True story. It was 1989, and I was just fresh out of high school. And boy, it was an interesting time, for all who remember it, I think. The fall of the Berlin wall. Mikhail Gorbechev, Michael Dukakis and Tip O'Neil. The end of the Cold War, and of course the beginning of the 90's.

    Anyways, in Spring of 1989, I was taking a humanities class. And I had a very unique teacher, I think. Eccentric and avant-garde. He certainly never gave a boring lecture, that's for sure.

    And as the story goes, one day he gave us the following lecture, on "Entitlements" and "Injunctions". In fact, I found it so interesting, I copied it down, word-for-word right away and even saved it. In fact, the spaces and question marks that appear, are where I didn't copy down what he was saying fast enough. I'm serious.

    In any event, I have literally wrecked my brain ever since, trying to find out where he got it from, or even what it is based on. I am assuming it is not copyrighted (or else, I would not share it in its entirety, naturally).

    What follows, is the document. I have saved on my computer. And I am copying and pasting it verbatim. And obviously, it is meant to have a somewhat humorous aspect to it, as you will all see.

    Whatever you think of it, don't blame me, in any event, if you find it corny. As I said, I am only relating it exactly as I recorded it.

    Please read:

    This was copied down in humanities class on May 9, 1989 at the University of Michigan, Dearborn Campus:

    "Entitlements" | "Injunctions"
    1.) To live. | 1.) To die.
    2.) To allow yourself to feel. | 2.) Don't feel, suppress your feelings.
    3.) To express the feeling. | 3.) Don't express the feeling.
    4.) Express appropriate feelings. | 4.) Express only certain feelings.
    5.) Own the feelings you have. | 5.) Substitute one feeling for another.
    6.) Have age-specific behavior. | 6.) "- - ? ? "
    7.) Grow up. | 7.) Don't grow up.
    8.) Grow up to be an independent adult. | 8.) Grow up to take care of need.
    9.) Take care of yourself. | 9.) Grow up to take care of everyone.
    10.) Be human. | 10.) Be perfect.
    11.) Be successful. | 11.) Take appropriate risks". ,(?)"
    12.) Succeed on your own terms. | 12.) " in others.
    13.) Think for yourself. | 13.) Be confused.
    14.) Own your own sexuality. | 14.) Own someone else.
    15.) Touch appropriately. | 15.) Don't touch (appropr.).
    16.) Be open and close. | 16.) Be distant.
    17.) Be healthy. | 17.) Be ill.
    18.) Own your own weaknesses. | 18.) Be strong.
    19.) Be congruent. | 19.) Be crazy.
    20.) Own your own discomfort at others words. | 20.) "- ? ? "
    21.) Be potent. | 21.) Be powerless.
    22.) Be joyfully in the present. | 22.) Worry about the future.
    23.) Face the truth. | 23.) Let's pretend.
    24.) You independently can make it. | 24.) Depend on others (?).
    25.) My value [sic]in within me. | 25.) My value is in others.
    26.) I will feel personally empowered. | 26.) I will need power over others.


    And that's it. As I've said, I am trying find the source of it (but assume it is not copyrighted, even if it is based on something else). And as I said, please don't blame the messenger if you find it silly. I am only relating it as I recorded it at the time :)
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    the way i remember it, it was very interesting at the time. we had story time, show and tell, play time. that's pretty much all i remember about it, but it definitely held my interest.
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    Cool. Tell me more, Jim.
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    Sorry for the very late reply[​IMG] . I had no idea someone had replied a second time to this thread.

    I have no more. That is all the teacher gave us. But I do wonder where he got it from. Does anyone else know?

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