Endless Waltz Of Love.

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    I wrote this a few years ago for my wife ,I hope you like it.

    I can never begin to tell you
    Or even hope to make you see.
    Just how totally I love you
    And what you mean to me

    How I think of you each moment
    Every day and every night
    And hear your soft voice whispering
    I'm here with you,it's alright

    How I see your face in the moonlight
    As sleep gently takes ahold
    How you fill every dream I have
    Of you,an angel with a heart of gold

    Yes an angel sent from St Peter's gate
    To come and shower me with love
    But you are not here yet,I have to wait
    For sunlight from above.

    I just wish that these poets words
    Could be written in your heart
    So that you could begin to know
    That we must never part
    For if we were to say goodbye

    To bid each other farewell
    I would really rather die
    Than suffer the living hell
    The living hell of a lonely day

    Without you by my side
    I could not function in any way
    Or walk along life's endless shore
    To watch the eternal tide

    This love for you is pure
    It is not fake or false
    I'm asking for your hand
    To dance an endless waltz

    Come take my hand as the music starts
    And we dance to a sweet song
    Life is a journey ,we must take part
    Take my arm and come along.

    This love is timeless
    It will not ever end
    Not now not tomorrow not ever
    I cannot find the words to say
    Why I feel the way I do
    But I cannot live another single day
    Here alone,lonely,and without you

    Without the woman I truly want
    To be a partner with me for life
    My Denise,my friend,my one true lover
    My darling,my wife.
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