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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by backtothelab, May 15, 2004.

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    let us all share our end of the world dreams...

    I had this dream that i was with this man in a buisness suit, he was wearing one, and we were searching for a cup of coffee. We get to his car, and his car (a black kind of bmw thing) is facing the highway, as if we were on it. To the right of us, was a bar, with white exterior, where a waitress worked at, with red hair. Behind us (behind his car was like some kind of small country town with a bus station and a bar. Like, the highway just started out of nowhere, no on ramp or anything.) So he looks inside of his car, this tall business man, and he sees there is a cup of coffee on his dashboard, he decides to leave, driving down the highway. So me and this red haired waitress wave good-by, me on the left, waving with my right hand, and her on the right, waving with her left hand. So then, my point of view turns to his car, kind of like first person, but of the car. If you've ever played a racing game, when you switch views, and your low to the ground, like down by the tires, it was like that. Well, were driving down this high way, me with the view of this car, and all havoc insues. Like, i saw this car crash right infront of me into the side wall on the left, and i saw a person running down off the road into a ditch, burning in flames. The was this woman, extreamly pale, like egg white pale with a white dress, and she was bleading and cry at the same time, and urinating and bleeding at the same time, blood pouring down her face and legs. No wounds, just blood everywhere. Something happend, and this poor woman's breasts got cut clear off. If anyone has ever seen ghost ship, when the cord got cut, and everyone's head was chopped off--like that. Well, i left the view of the car, and saw them land on the pavement, and they started sizzling, like two eggs cooking in a pan. Then it started getting real hot, everything was shaking violently and light was speeding by from left to right, the earth started drifting into the sun. I never left the view of the breasts on the pavement, but i knew what was happening.
    I woke up shaking, frying hot in my bed.

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