end of the world?

Discussion in 'The Future' started by Jetblack, May 8, 2004.

  1. Jetblack

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    how do u think the world will be like when the end of the world comes? I think the USA at least will be like a highly advanced world but every1 will be living in poverty and there will be mad militia's and gangs everywhere and the USA will be in total chaos and then i think that the apocylypse will come and then every1 dies but me!!!!!!
  2. ImmortalDissident

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    I think when the end of the world comes, humans will be dead a long time prior to the event. There just aren't enough resources on this planet to continue the current growth rate and because of that, people will begin to die out slowly from who knows what.
  3. Juiceman3000

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    I have thought about this a lot lately. I believe its going to come down to stress and pride.

    We already have a fake global economy which is all based on jacked-up numbers and concieved notions of debt and 'gdp' etc.

    Eventually there is going to be some bad-ass class warfare... but on a global scale, not just in each nation.

    Before it would just be individual nations destroyed by classism.. now its gonna be the whole planet.

    Im convinced the stress of the poors and the resurgence of national pride will end up blowing the hell wide open.

    When I speak of pride let me just put that into perspective:
    How do you think the Islamic world is going to be feeling IF they realised they were going to lose all their wealth and be run by Global corps?

    What and how do you think Americans are going to be IF in the next 30 years they become just another country, much less effective than China, Russia, The E.U.?
    What if America was fading off into another 'old world' place now owned and run by other countries?

    For what its worth.. I dont think it will be nuclear explosions that kill everyone... the radiation and complete lack of ability to live in a non-electronic, non-anti-biotic world will be the real killer.

    My guess... 35 years from now it all begins.
  4. seahorse

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    i think you dudes should read the last book of the bible, just forget that it's the bible and read it for what it is. It makes total sense.
  5. Antimatter235

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    I don't think the "end" of the world will be a nuclear war, asteroid or some shit like that.
    The peak oil will affect all parts of society. I don't know when the price of oil will actually skyrocket but there are already problems (ie wars) because of that.

    Of course, individually you can consider switching to solar/wind/biomass energy and radically change and reduce your energy use... But we're dependant on oil for mass production:
    -Food(Intensive agriculture): mecanized; oil-derivated fertilizers and pesticides.
    -Commerce (ie transport): because a supermarket get products from all over the world.
    -All technologies: mechanics, electronics...
    -Pharmaceuticals: meds are synthesized out of oil-derivates

    Oil litterally replaces terrain. With little space you can get way more products to feed the population. With expensive oil, most people couldn't even afford food. Even if we could totally replace fossil energy with renewables, we're not gonna create chemicals (for fertilizer, meds, etc) out of pure energy.

    There will be starvation that will kill billions and of course even the most developped "societies" will turn into an extreme "survival of the fittest" game.
    Not only the lack of things will kill, but it will create major crisis.
  6. Juiceman3000

    Juiceman3000 Banned

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    I know what your saying Anti-matter.

    I was thinking that Oil has probably killed more people than any other substance on earth including alcohol or electricity.

    If you can 'blame' a substance that is.

    The crazy thing about this (speaking of 'the future) was all these promises of clean energy.

    We can use Nuclear energy but everytime its proposed people freak out ..even though Nuclear power seems to cause less destruction than Oil!
    (see Iraq, Valdez etc before you compare to Chernobyl)

    Well folks, someone once told me this:
    The day someone ever invents a way to replace oil - will be the day before World War Three happens.

    It seems it crucial to world stability that we keep the plates spinning as is.
  7. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

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    Nuclear energy is not practical for many reasons. Primarily they take massive ammounts of oil to construct and they produce radioactive waste that people have to deal with for thousands of years and the land uppon which they are built cannot be used for anything else for thousands of years. Not to mention the high chances of catastrophic failure if we switch completely over to nuclear power. Neuclear plants are also HUGE terrorist targets.

    Back to the end of the world now... I'm pretty sure that the world will end in all out nuclear confrontation accompanying the next world war. I think the way things are going this is inevidable.
  8. Juiceman3000

    Juiceman3000 Banned

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    You know, I wonder what we could come up with if all our brilliant energy scientists tried to find a way to efficiently deal with radio-active waste?

    Has anyone ever tried?

    Really tried I mean. If we could find a way to 'neutralise' radioactivity then we would really be on to something with nuclear power.

    Speaking of Oil and the end of the world - here is a scary thought for ya:

    I was talking to a guy who worked his whole life in Oil and Gas. (in the field stuff).
    My thoughts were that, like anything in nature, there must be some reason and purpose there is oil pockets in the ground right?
    Usually nature has a reason for doing or having something.
    Actually.. nature Always has a purpose.

    So what exactly could happen if we simply drain huge pockets of the earth?
    What about earthquakes or some effects from this?

    He tells me that, to be perfectly honest - no one knows!

    They honestly do not know what might happen from taking all this oil from the ground!

    He was telling me there are some regulations etc where they replace the Oil with Salt water (which has the same wieght or something)

    I mean.. we think its all cute and funny now - but what about when 'scientists discover' that these oil pockets are there for a very good reason and messing with them results in some nice earthquakes and sinkholes etc.

    Well just think folks.. within 20 years almost every country in the world (including Iran, Libya, Senegal and Guam will have nuclear missiles)
    Gad - PAKISTAN has Nuclear missiles now!

    You just know .. you just know that somebody is gonna use one eventually.

    Yep.. probably over Oil.
  9. Forgetmenot8524

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    i believe in that and my mom told me kind of what it meant but how does it make total sense. scholars that have studied it dont even understand it... elaborate please
  10. Juiceman3000

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    I agree that St.Johns Revelation is certainly a description of what appears to be a SuperWar and consequent 'End of this age'.

    I think it becomes less confusing (but maybe more subjective) when you understand that John lived in the first century. The revelation was given to him in visions (and sometimes words).
    For example, IF John was shown a vision of Apache attack helicopters invading Israel, how would he possibly describe such a sight??
    He would have no choice but to use references from his day.
    Locust with armour plating and something like long hair (the whirring blades?) and scorpion stings (rockets)?

    How would John describe a Nuclear mushroom cloud??
    Maybe he could only refer to it as 'The Sky folding like a scroll'?

    Many of the things John describes would have been absolutely unthinkable in his era.
    200 Million man army coming out of the East!?
    "Get real" is probably the response of histories critics.

    NOW... China has actually boasted that it can theoretically assemble a 200 million man army!

    John described 1/3 of the worlds oceans being poisoned (and the sealife dead)
    "Pixiedust!" people must have said in the old days.. there isnt enough poison in the world!
    NOW .. we know that freaky genetic and biological warfare chemicals DO exist to make that a real potential threat.

    Of course, Revelations (aka The Apocalypse) is very difficult to understand. It just seems that many previously 'baffling' predictions are now everyday reality.

    Daniel has some very signifigant predictions too... Knowledge will be greatly multiplied (sound familiar internet junkies) and people will go 'to and fro' [Chariots with lights jostling through the streets].

    Its hard not to read these things and think they must be refering to our modern times.
  11. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

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    makes complete sense + don't understand a word of it = not a cotradiction?
    so how is a big war supposed to end rocks and planets and other solar systems et.c.?
    as for worlds ending
    i do believe in the aligorical sense intended (and perhapse in an entirely tangable microcophysics sense as well) that 'the world' is completely destroyed and recreated every micro micro nanosecond
    but even that may be something of an 'eye of the beholder' interpretation
    certainly momentus events to take place from time to time
    the world revelations refered to ending has already ended, three times
    which still might be neither here nor there
    now i'm sure when the big starveback resaulting from short sighted energy policy when the oil actualy does for all practical purposes run out resaults in the famine of 19 out of 20 humans living that will be called, and not entirely without justification, 'the end of 'the' world'. yet it won't nearly be the end of the entire human species, nor does your 'revelations' say it will either for that matter, and certainly not the end of rocks and trees and little furry creatures with big sharp teeth. only the demise of the collective egotism of human society!
    that granted happens to be the only one WE (as sentient 'humans' of it) have
    in a very
    very big universe
    and it doesn't even have to happen that way at all:
    even your christerism gives us the option of getting our heads out of our assess.
    which we ARE perfectly capable of !
  12. Juiceman3000

    Juiceman3000 Banned

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    Were you trying to dispute something in the previous post or what?

    If you were trying to clarify or take / add issue I would like to know what it was?

    That there is Rocks and they wont be destroyed or wtf?

    I sense you were trying to communicate something but the whole thing got lost on me.
    Please humour me and try again.

  13. dhARmaMiLlO

    dhARmaMiLlO Member

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    It seems to me that the progress of civilisations throughout history has been in the form of two steps forward, one step back. Perhaps we are due our one step back soon. The next two steps forward could take on an entirely different form to what we view as civilisation at present.
    Then again, if people learnt from history we wouldn't repeat it. All those that say history is cyclic are the numbskulls that repeat their mistakes. If only they would look outside their own history and toward more ancient ones too. We've been here before, its just the weapons are better this time....

  14. themnax

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    well i think we ARE headed for a world wide economic depression, that may well prove the beginning of the end for monitary economics. it may not wait for the oil to run out, or the seas to rise and other consiquences of our economic fanaticism driven life styles. and we may very well get more wars and so on. someone may even toss a few nukes. but none of that is going to bring any sort of truely absolute end to life as we know it. the only part of that that even signifigantly threatens the survival of our 'human' species as a whole is destabilization of the natural environment to such a degree that it may find some other sort of equalibrium that no longer has a niche for our own species.

    you're right of course about the unwillingness of 'leaders' top accept peaceful need to clean up their act very probably precipitating violent action on the part of concerned citizens in every part of the globe, including even currently fortunate coutries, as well as those less so.
    i still believe, that into whatever kind of a world remains, some percentage of our human species will likely survive, and when the smog clears and fallout settles, actualy thrive.
    even political tides do turn, and likewise economic fanatacism itself, otherwise known as capitolism, while it might not soon be 'burried' by 'marxism', is no less mortal then anything else in this tangable universe.
    there WILL be a morning after. after the so called calamitous end of 'the' so called world. and a most glorious and wonderful morning it will eventualy be.
    but yes between here and there things might very well get a wee bit apocraphil looking. a lot of us get a 'wee bit' hungry, and a good many of us, perhapse even a very large majority of us, not survive to see it at all.
    one fairly realistic scenario for that world of the morning after is ursula kroeber le guinne's always comming home.
    heck of a good read on general principals too
  15. sitareric

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    I see cycles, in everything we do, we always come back around to the same things, on an individual basis, and a national and global basis. Even though the exterior events seem different, they bring all of us back to a certain space, which is detromental to our evolutionary processes. Every generation goes through it, how to rebel, and change the world. I found it neccessesary for myself, to not be a part of the entity, that is this rising generations way of rebeling, fueled by todays modern music, much like the cycles of the past. Some massive change is on the air, with the largest demographic in the US, senior citizens, relying on the smallest demographic of the work force, to support their social security, we could end up seeing thousands-millions, of homeless poor senior citizens. Now many ancient texts point to this time we are in as the 'end times' or the final cycle of humanity that will finally pull through, and see life for its worth, and live accordingly and i cant discredit thousnads of years of various hebrew, vedic, and native american 'prophecy', cause, they knew what it was about. The Hopis say, that this cycle of existance, that we are currently in, is the cycle to end all cycles, and to finally progress, as the ethereal divine being that we are, and i think on an individual basis we are doing beautifully, and on a collective scale, i am beginning to see these processes arising. All i can do is jsut Be, and breathe fire into what i feel is truth. and from what i can gather... keep your eyes on israel.
  16. WaitingForTheSun

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    I think the world will end when the sun explodes and the explosion will look like a huge flower in the sky and everyone will be awe struck by the SHEER BEAUTY that they will die with love and happiness in their heart. Dude, that would kick ass.
  17. wiggly

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    May I ask why exactly so many of you seem to actually welcome the idea?


  18. Mintaoism

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    Well lets see... we may have to live in bubble domes but seeing as some people thought that we would be living on the moon by now...then again some people thought that there would be 4 computers in the future...right.

    Well no doubt we will be sucking the life out of every last resource... most species will live in protective caves in suitcases... alot of disease's and viruses will be eradicated but there will no doubt be a huge super virus. Obviously robots will have pregressed past the stage where they calculate binary code..they may be able to pick up litter..or bark...

    So the future holds foot holds and man holes..
  19. TerminalMadness

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    If I had to place a bet, I'd say the hour is drawing to an end very soon. I can picture it.
  20. themnax

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    you know everyone is so bussy with all this end of the world bussiness, which is mostly some kind of self denyal cop out as far as i can see, i'm wondering when a bunch of enough of us are going to get togather and make a beggining of the world!

    sure all things pass. but before they can pass they have to be begun. for every world waiting to end there are worlds waiting to be born. why not create one, instead of all this self serving gratuitous moping?
    must we all be vultures that nothing interests us unless it's dead or dying?

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