Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist Blows The Whistle: CNN is paid by governments

Discussion in 'People' started by Resistance isn't futile, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. An emmy winning former CNN journalist has turned whistle blower. She's stepped up and disclosing the secrets that even the Obama administration pays for content control of the news. She discloses that during the Arab Spring she shot harrowing video footage of regime forces shooting unarmed demonstrators but that CNN knowingly covered it up.

    I've often said that this is a sign of the times. We live in a fake world that's be designed by the media. They want everyone to hate each other so that we're not only divided but at each other's thoats so that they can make money.

    I've known for a long time that BBC lies, CNN lies and even a lot of the Internet "trending" stories are false too. I don't expect the story below will get a lot of mainstream attention (Probably not even a handful of reddit comments) but who knows? I'm posting it here and with a bit of luck the message will be spred to thousands of email accounts.

  2. Meliai

    Meliai Banned

    I've assumed this was true for years. The art of journalism has went noticeably downhill in the last 10 years.
  3. odonII

    odonII O

    Perhaps not now as It's old news. 2012.

    Why didn't CNN's international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain's Arab Spring repression?

    On 19 June 2011 at 8pm, CNN's domestic outlet in the US aired "iRevolution" for the first and only time. The program received prestigious journalism awards, including a 2012 Gold Medal from New York Festival's Best TV and Films. Lyon, along with her segment producer Taryn Fixel, were named as finalists for the 2011 Livingston Awards for Young Journalists. A Facebook page created by Bahraini activists, entitled "Thank you Amber Lyon, CNN reporter | From people of Bahrain", received more than 8,000 "likes".



    The documentary iRevolution was produced by CNN and was aired by CNN US though never aired in full on CNN international.


    Lyon worked with journalist Glenn Greenwald to investigate and present their findings and summation that the government of Bahrain, as well as other governments throughout the world, are paying CNN for special content casting their countries in a positive light. While CNN International denies Lyon's claims of censorship or any wrongdoing, they confirmed that they receive payment from the Bahrain Economic Development Board for advertising.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB2DeZBgTEk"]Bahrain portion of iRevolution on CNN June 19 2011 - YouTube





    Any e.g's?
  4. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    Not a surprise at all that the media pursues its own agenda and doesn't give a damn about the truth. It's good to have specific example like this one though.

    Amber Lyon seems like a competent and courageous journalist. She's also totally doable. I would so fuck that girls brains out.
  5. odonII

    odonII O

    Where is the lie?
  6. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

  7. odonII

    odonII O

    His was a bit of a troll post like a lot of yours today - so I just wanted to see if he had actually read the story. That's all.
  8. Yes watch the documentary on the "I-Revolution"

    Anyone giving even just 1 minute of thought to what's happening there finds out real quick how the Internet works.

    • 1) People want to bring attention to the problems and organize protests

    • 2) Government use the Internet to identify the "trouble makers" using and kills them off one at a time.
    Just imagine that if Che Guevara tried to fight back today... He would have been killed in his sleep after his last facebook status update.
  9. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse


    well, in this case, they tried to suppress info rather than outright lie. So some of this info was apparently not in the report that aired? And apparently it only aired once.

    suppressing info is essentially the same things as lying, imho, especially when news sources do it.
  10. odonII

    odonII O

    Resistance isn't futile

    At about 1:20 there is some footage and commentary about unarmed demonstrators being shot at by the police. Is there some more footage of blood and guts? Did she want that included in her segment?
    How did CNN cover that up? By not airing it on CNN International and only on CCN America?

    Resistance isn't futile

    I watched the CNN documentary. People there are using social media (the evil CIA social media ;) ) to organise their protests and highlight their issues.

    I didn't think the thread was about that, though. It was supposed to be about this bang upto date, hardly ever heard of whistle-blowing story that hardly anybody will make any comment about anywhere.

    What makes me laugh is this:

    Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.

    Lyon was quoted by the Slovak main news website as saying that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create a propaganda against Iran to garner public opinion's support for a military invasion against it.

    She revealed that the scenario used before launching the war on Iraq is being prepared to be repeated where Iran and Syria are now being subject to constant 'demonization'.

    The former reporter clarified that the CNN channel manipulates and fabricates news and follows selectiveness when broadcasting news, stressing that the Channel receives money from the U.S. government and other countries' governments in exchange for news content.


    The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) (Arabic: الوكالة العربية السورية للأنباء‎ Al-Wakālah al-'Arabīyah as-Sūrīyah al-'Anbā) is a news agency in Syria. It is a government-owned media organization linked to the Ministry of Information. It was established in 1965.

    Which news would you rather rely on (given a choice) CNN or Syrian State News - that obviously is always 100% non partisan and always delivers every aspect of every major news item from around the world.

    'news content' being those sponsored programmes. No evidence for: orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.
  11. odonII

    odonII O


    I guess you read it properly this time.
    Resistance isn't futile will have to inform us what footage was not included in the segment. What I have read is that it wasn't footage missing - it was that the doc' was not shown internationally. If CNN wanted to suppress the story, why would they send her (and others) there in the first place, and why would they air the disparaging doc' at all?

    The cynic in me thinks that she thought this was going to be her springboard into something bigger, and it turns out it wasn't.

    Heck, I can't get CNN International, let alone CNN America. Yet, I still knew the info in the doc'.
  12. You know what the irony is?
    When you do your own serious independant investigation on the issuse, you find that state owend not for profit media tends to be more honest and non partisan than the private media.

    Things such as job stabilty and having an oversight facility regulating expeditures tends to go a very long way to keeping the news honest. Furthermore politicians and corporations find it hard to use their influence on them because there's always a paper trail or a procedure that needs to be followed.

    Where as of course in the privately owned media there is no guarantee that a reporter will keep their job if they publish a *disliked* story and they're under constant pressure to produce. Furthermore because there's no paper trail and profit is the end goal, corporations and politicians have zero problem pushing their influence into the private media outlet's bank accounts.

    You know you should get involved in a few feminist organizations. You would be amazed at the level of information on an enormous variety of subjects that impact our world. Men like Murdoch, Bloomberg, Berlusconi, Turner and even Zuker only have 1 single agenda and that binds them all. And that is to make money by being giving the public something that will titalate them. When it comes to making money, there's no insentive and henceforth no desire to be factual or truthful.

    If I can offer some advice... Stop thinking and acting like an american. Almost 99% of the issues and problems in this world can NOT be reduce to *this bad and that good*.
  13. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    There def. exists a media conspiracy to make the US viewer except global jihad. This is clearly evident through left wing shilling on major networks. CNN is a serious offender. Very easily confused for al jizera.
  14. odonII

    odonII O

    Resistance isn't futile

    Where on http://sana.sy/eng/22/index.htm# is the information regarding protestors in Bahrain?
    The only thing I can see is a lot of information on the President, and the governments version of events.
    You wouldn't tolerate the BBC having a dedicated page for our Prime Minister would you?
    You would say it is the 'mouthpiece of the government'.

    The BBC is effectively 'state owned' - yesterday you were saying they were liars.

    Make up your mind.

    CNN International :

    On a mission: Maryam Alkhawaja wants to tell you about oppression in Bahrain


    Where on Syrian state news is this issue?

    The truth seems to be "I-Revolution" wasn't broadcast on CNN International, and she wanted it to be.

    Can we stick to the point rather than drifting off it?

    The irony is, I can only get CNN International if I pay some media mogul £30 a month for a cable package.

    If her doc' was aired on CNN International, and she was still working for CNN, what are the chances she would be quite happy?

    Her argument is poor. She is 'butt hurt' as the Americans would say.
  15. The Beeb has over 23,000 employees world wide and is a corporation independent from direct government intervention with an onus to operate under a Royal Charter that gets reviewed only once every 10 years.

    Furthermore the Beeb is hardly British these days as the majority of the control rests with the Macquarie Capital Alliance Group based in Australia. Now how much do you want to be that with some digging we can unearth Rupert Murdoch somewhere at the bottom the the jelly babies sack?

    In summation, there's very little state owned in the believed to be state owned BBC.

    PS. I'm not interested in discussing anything butt hurt and you really should think about joining a feminst group or at least getting a library card.
  16. odonII

    odonII O

    Resistance isn't futile

    As fascinating as the BBC's structure is, it's going to be a diversion.

    Atleast point out where on Syrian state TV news is the issues regarding oppression in Bahrain.
    Where is the evidence for this:
    'She discloses that during the Arab Spring she shot harrowing video footage of regime forces shooting unarmed demonstrators but that CNN knowingly covered it up.' ?
    'CNN and CNN International are also paid by foreign governments to avoid stories that are damaging, and construct narratives that show them in a better, albeit false, light.'?
  17. I capitulate because you're obviously much smarter and more educated than I am.
  18. odonII

    odonII O

    I think you gave up on it after your first post, to be honest.
  19. More or less
  20. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    Odon, the article in the guardian that you quoted

    These seem like substantive criticisms of CNN. CNN seems to have had a response to criticisms saying "not so", but I'm not impressed by this.

    from the wiki you quoted

    Now how exactly does CNN get money from Bahrain, yet that has no influence on their reporting? Likewise, politicians in the us receive millions of dollars in campaign financing, yet claim this has "no influence" on policy making. Sounds like bullshit to me.

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