Elton John - Your top 10

Discussion in 'Music' started by Dude111, Oct 16, 2022.

  1. Dude111

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    1) I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues
    2) Rocket Man
    3) Im Still Standing
    4) Tiny Dancer
    5) Little Jeannie
    6) Nikita
    7) Your song
    8) Crocodile Rock
    9) Candle In The Wind
    10) Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me
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    • Good choices Dude - How about
    1) Skyline Pigeon
    2) Sweet Painted Lady
    3) Someone saved my lifetonight
    4) Grow some funk of your own
    5) Empty Garden
    6) High flying bird
    7) Phildelphia Freedom
    8) Ticking
    9) Sorry, seems to be the hardest word
    10) Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters

    (N,B. I do like 'Young Elton' - and have 50 of my faves on my Spotify Playlist = :) )
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  3. jimandjan

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    I would only repeat those mentioned above, Both Dude and Wolf made fine choices.
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  4. straightma1e

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    Ooh, this question is a toughie. You know he and Bernie Taupin wrote over 600 songs. Many of which topped the charts in both the UK and USA. Possibly the best writing duo in the history of rock and roll music. Here's my shot at it alphabetically because I don't have a favorite:
    • Bennie And The Jets
    • Candle in The Wind
    • Crocodile Rock
    • Don't Go Breaking My Heart
    • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    • Honky Cat
    • Levon
    • Philadelphia Freedom
    • Saved My Life Tonight
    • The Bitch Is Back Someone
    And then some.
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  5. GeorgeCarlinFan

    GeorgeCarlinFan Members

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    Funeral For a Friend
    Madman Across The Water
    Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny)
    Love Song
    Indian Sunset
    The King Must Die
    Your Song
    All The Girls Love Alice
    You're So Static
    I'm Gonna Be A Teenage Idol
  6. rebeldharma420

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    Omg, this is hard but I’m is going to say

    1. I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

    2. Sacrfice

    3. Sad songs

    4. I’m still standing

    5. daneil

    6. Goodbye yellow brick road

    7. Candle in the wind

    8. Bernie and the jets

    9. What do i do to make you love me

    10. Saturday night is alright for fighting

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