elmo's haircut in my dream

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Mintaoism, May 17, 2004.

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    I had the feakeast dream about 3 weeks ago. i wrote it down as soon as i woke up (about 3am)

    It started out with me in my parents house (the same as i lived in for 17 years)
    i was in the corridor and for some reason my bed was there. i was getting *busy* with one of my sisters friends who i didint have feelings for at the time. now she wasn't talking at all and wasn't doing much. so i leave for the bathroom which is right next to us... and i open the door to find that lawrence lowelen bowen( changing rooms guy) Cutting elmo's (sesame street) long balck hair...odd. but wait it doesn't stop there! I went out and the bed has gone and my previously marble floor isd made of wood, so i walk round it and sudenly out side it is day, beofre hand it was night. I walk outside, and tons of blue doves were circling a house quite far away. robot's yup robots were in the place of cars. no parking spaces just robots taking them up. they were all big and blackwith grey tintish bits to them.. and you know that bit where you realise that it's a dream and you start to wake up, well that was almost happening. So I ran back into my house, into my big double door and kind of kept running and the white door kind of kept me running( like running int the light!almost like heaven) . And then I woke up and seriously needed a piss...hmmm analyse??

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