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    G:sunny::sunny:D morning to everyone. my name is Jess, a 21 year old Los Angeles native. I enjoy meeting new people, interacting and listening to their stories about this crazy beautiful world we live in. i believe in peace, love and nothing but good vibes towards every being in the world and sharing some wisdom with the souls that seem to be a bit lost. I'm a very simple person and easy to get along with. just a FEW things i like: Informational reading and fictional: informational to feed your mind and expand your knowledge (knowledge IS power ) fictional: to get lost in someone else's story. writing: mainly to express oneself in your own story. biking: been doing it and loving it since childhood. blogging: to share interests, personal thoughts and opinions with the world with anybody and everybody sharing the same interests. :)
    i believe a big part of me being on this planet is to help people. Growing up with issues has shown me that I wouldve liked and appreciated having someone there to guide me through certain obstacles in life, i wasnt very fortunate to have that but that doesnt mean i cant be what i wanted someone else to be for me. I could write paragraphs and paragraphs on this introduction but i'd rather keep it short or at least attempted to.

    BUT i would most certainly like to hear your opinions and thoughts about EVERYTHING that makes up the world and most important your story. GOOD or BAD we've been through it all and there's nothing left to do but overcome the bad and appreciate those good times. Good day to you all. and Nice to meet you all. :smile:
    "Come as You are"
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    High then on all counts.
  3. jimmyjoe1

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    welcome to the forums jess:sunny:
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  5. KL71

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    Greeting to ya Jess! That was a rather interesting post! :)
  6. TAZER-69

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    Hi Jess :seeya:

    I think I'm going to like you :)

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