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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by PineMan, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    When I was masturbating this morning I didn't bother with my FleshLight (which is my usual choice), but just used the basic hand technique. I climaxed with one almighty powerful orgasm.

    However, as my penis was exposed for once, I was surprised to notice that this particular orgasm had only resulted in a tiny drop of semen being released.

    The thing is, that there have been other occasions when the orgams have been mediocre, and the amount of semen released has sometimes been astounding.

    This got me thinking about the frequent postings that appear about how to increase the semen yield, which got me wondering why.

    So, the question for this poll is how much you value semen quantity over orgasmic sensation.
  2. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    I want to see some responces here. It's interesting.
  3. Mothman

    Mothman Senior Member

    I prefer a powerful orgasms to semen quantity, if I shot like a super soaker but had mild orgasms I would not feel satisfied. Though if my load was only a drop or two it would bother me a little. You could try some tribulus to make your load bigger and maybe take a break from sex and masturbation for a few days.
  4. Gumby

    Gumby Banned

    Maybe you can invent something equivalent to a fuel pump or a fuel injector to regulate the flow...
  5. wally m

    wally m 14

    For me, the more intense the orgasm the more semen I produce. I've read about the non ejaculation orgasm but mine seem to go hand in hand the better the more.
  6. Gumby

    Gumby Banned

    From the few responses, it looks like it varies. Sometimes when I do, especially when I haven't had any activity in days, it's like a Saudi oil field. Even during those gusher times, the orgasm may not be as intense. On the other *hand, if I am on one of those, continuous "I can't stop touching myself" the orgasm could cause a heart attack with hardly a drop of goo squirting out.

    I still keep a box of kleenex near by....
  7. Fastswitch

    Fastswitch Visitor

    So who cares about semen? It's the sperm that does the good work. Since the testes produce sperm on a strict schedule, some days there is not so many left (only a million or so.) Then the requirement for semen to carry the sperm on its journey is minimal and you get a stomach looking like a dessert. The quality of the organism is dependent on the interest of the wanker. After a while the same old thoughts or porno produce a not too interested wanker, but if the testes have just gone into production - flood requiring much semen; or vice versa. Not much connection between all three factors in masturbation. Now, in real intercourse, with two people, tongues, breasts, balls, cock, fingers, arms, and desire in play - all three come together beautifully! See picture at left of my signature. That's real, enjoyable, productive humpin!!
  8. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    Put quite simply, even men who have had vasectomies can ejaculate - the only difference being that the semen doesn't contain any sperm.

    Even men who haven't had vasectomies would be unable to tell how many sperm, if any, are in their sperm without the use of a decent microscope.

    The point of the question is not to do with the practicality & efficiency of procreation, but the pleasure obtained through masturbation, and whether or not you consider the physical amount of semen released as being important to your own self satisfaction, or if you would consider dry orgasms as beneficial, due to no clean up being required.

    Orgasm & ejaculation are definitely NOT the same thing, even though many people tend to believe they are, based on the fact that they are usually synchronous.
  9. Juan Kerr

    Juan Kerr Member

    Best orgasms for me are after a few days restraint. I prefer working up to having a good shoot of thinner spunk, but if I had a quickie instead, thick spunk would just dribble out. Probably same amount as shooting it but I don't feel as satisfied. I think its really how worked up you are rather than amount of spunk. I've had some good 3rd and 4th orgasms without cum when really worked up (dry runs), and better than a 1st orgasm from a quickie wank.
  10. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    I love reading the answers to questions like this!
  11. Gumby

    Gumby Banned

    You seem like a "cumdumpster"!
  12. pushit

    pushit One jive Motha Fucka

    Its not a big deal as long as I have a good orgasm, I hate the rare times when I bust a nut but don't come... I have to wait before I can try again. I won't get into the actual ejaculate since it feels like a little bit weird for me to talk about online. Just as long as I get that orgasm I wouldn't care if it was the tiniest load.
  13. ganesha1967

    ganesha1967 barefoot bellybearer

    If it isn't like this, it' not a proper orgasm!!


    Just kidding. I clicked answer #1, since I, too, don't care about the wetness but the wellness of an orgasm.

    Wiggling toes,

  14. thatHORNYguy

    thatHORNYguy Member

    usually when i dont masturbate for a while, like when i go on month harvests then give my girlfriend my cock to do as she pleases its goes everywhere :p

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