Ego Death?

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  1. I would like to hear about people's experiences with ego death and psychedelics, mainly acid.
    Yesterday SWIM dosed 1000ug of 25i (I know it's not acid and a research chemical) and lost all comprehension of time and forgot almost everything about himself. The trees he was surrounded by seemed like fellow beings and came alive, as well as the ground he walked on.
    It was the most profound experience of his entire life so far.
    I'd like to hear what other people have to say about their experiences, and hopefully someone can shed some light on what it takes to really experience some form of "ego death" while tripping.
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    It sounds like you experienced ego death to a degree...

    Perhaps the only element that you don't explicitly mention which would make me think you didn't experience it fully was having an indistinguishable separation from the environment and yourself.

    I've experienced ego death on several psychedelics, there is not really any rhyme or reason to which I can point to and say 'This is how to experience it' but the least I could say is that it tends to happen more frequently on high doses. Salvia Divinorum has most reliably replicated ego death experiences but my first experience with it was on LSD. On LSD, I experienced this field of energy which seemed to be constructed of all conscious energy which was inextricably linked so that it was experienced as if there was no distinction between myself, my friends with me or a dolphin's consciousness in the field.
  3. gendorf

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    I had It many times. I usually don't notice it while its happening. (because "I" is dead)
    I only realize that my ego was gone when It comes back!!!
    Its quite interesting. For me I sorta become something else. something not "I".
    yeah its a very interesting state!
  4. inthydreams911

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    In states of intense ego death, usually whatever it is that is internally happening starts to become part of the outside reality. You begin to lose distinction from where you start and end. You lose sense of your personal life, and you start working from an universal evolutionary level. Time and space may stop, and you may experience a sort of realm of experience through your soul rather then your mind. If it is real intense you will be totally gone, the experience will be completely absorb you until you no longer do, you just become the process itself.

    A lot of times you gradually peel away layers of your ego until you reach a certain point. But sometimes it happens very suddenly, it could be a subtle phenomena or it could quite the event.

    I have had low dose trips where it felt as if all these thoughts were going around in my mind, and then suddenly it felt like a vacuum was turned on and my thoughts were sucked into the void. It was not complete shift in reality, but their was just like an emptiness, an open clear mind in which I was innocent and free of preconceived notions.

    Their have been other trips where their is a process that goes on. Like I will have to sit or lie down somewhere, and my motor functions start to shut down. Then my mind feels like its splits apart, like all my normal personality functions shut down, and then starts to be a visually representation of the separation of soul self from my mental and physical self.. In this state you are no longer able to communicate with world in the normal sense, it is a completely different level of existence. A sort of heaven, in which anything in which think becomes part of perception. Your mind is free, open, no longer a single ego, but a system of life.

    Their is even more states where you are able to break through places. Reach godly realms, alien realms, your inner paradise. It is amazing how much your mind does, when your not actually doing it. You are always thinking your thoughts, in your patterns, with your goals. But when you stop your mind, and let the universe take hold of you, and let it do what it wants to do, it is 1000 times more magnificent then anything you could conceive of. All the wonders of the world and more are their transforming before your eyes, growing in it quality every second it goes on.

    I hope this gave you some insights on it. The best and only way is to explore yourself. Large doses usually do the trick, and when you burning desire to seek the truth through these experiences.

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