Edgar Lee Masters

Discussion in 'Books' started by KaleidoscopeEyes, May 8, 2004.

  1. I started reading Spoon River Anthology today, and almost immediately a surprising wave of enthusiasm invaded me.
    For those who never heard of it, the Anthology is basically a compilation of fictitious epitaphs from the (dead) people of an imaginary town. All two hundred and fifty-four of them are deeply connected, and contribute to from an image not only of Spoon River, but the world itself.
    So... any comments welcome.
  2. bizarrrely profound.. is this the kind of book i could find on amazon?

    Quote some .. am hungry
  3. smilin4peace

    smilin4peace Member

    you have a beautiful web site sister... and the book? never read it but if its at the library ill check it out thanks

  4. noland

    noland Member

    I got to read it in high school in a theater class. I thought it was great, not sure why, but I really liked it.

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