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Discussion in 'The Environment' started by jennifericous, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. jennifericous

    jennifericous Member

    hi, you guys should try this neat little test. its based on footprint analysis. its pretty cool stuff.
    i need 3 more globes!!
  2. Woohoo! I only need 1.5 globes total!

  3. I am horrible. I took my family into consideration as well and I need 8.1 planets. However, I also thought that 40% of the land should be left for other species. If I put 0%, that put me a 4.2%, which is still horrible! I do things, however, that are good for the enviroment. Some things I cannot change, such as car usage (I have a physically handicapped elderly man whom I take care of. I can't exactly make him walk to his doctor's 10 miles away). Anyway, I always thought I wasn't that bad. I guess i suck. Thanks for showing us the website to go to. I enjoyed it!

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