Eating "food from hyperspace" on DMT trips

Discussion in 'DMT' started by TryptaNice, Sep 14, 2013.

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    I had a couple of experiences last week where I was fed food in hyperspace that seemed "more real than real"… These experiences have really boggled my mind! I had never quite experienced something like this before in all of my DMT endeavors! Soooo I figured that I'd come on over to the Nexus and ask others if they had experienced anything similar!

    First off, I am going to copy and paste the details of the experiences in question from my DMT journal…


    This was an experience that I had 1-2 years ago:
    During this experience, I was still pretty grounded in reality, as in I didn't lose contact with my ego and still knew where I was… But I still experienced entity contact. I saw orange forms and felt a feminine presence. I felt a tremendous healing power from this presence and felt like I was being taken care of (I was feeling a little bit sick at the time). The female entities were very warm and didn't seem like they wanted anything other than to help me… the most warmth I've ever felt from DMT entities. They fed me food.. it was long, and when looking back, reminded me of intestines in its shape (but not gross or anything). I felt happy and cared for, and it seemed that the food was meant to improve my health.


    So, this first more recent experience was one of my strangest DMT experiences of all time… perhaps paralleled only by my most recent one which follows. As soon as I entered the trance state, I felt my mouth filling up with some sort of "food". It was textured just like dirt and even tasted like dirt would probably taste like (I probably ate it as a little kid). I felt it filling up my mouth kind of forcefully, but not in a violent way; just a little overwhelming. I felt very thankful for this "medicine" and instinctively accepted the food and swallowed it because I felt like it was the right thing to do. It felt like medicine of the earth (as I said, it had the same texture as dirt). I felt an intense flash of insight and knowledge after consuming this food. Perhaps it was "food for thought". I was reminded of how it is a personal mission of mine and has been theme in some of my trips that I am "meant to bring together the world of dreams and the waking state". This has been a literal idea of mine that I entertain, but more so, it is a metaphor to me and I feel that it means that I need to help people to be more in touch with their subconscious mind, their dreams, and their intuitions. After this, I felt a strong urge to send powerful intent to the whole universe and to all of the people in this world, for them to become more in touch with these parts of themselves in hopes of making the world a better place. With my friend, in tears, I voiced my intent. It was a profoundly beautiful moment.


    The last experience I've had to this day (very recently) almost seemed like a follow-up of the previous one. After finishing the dose, I saw something I can only describe as white, wispy, smoky ribbons materialize. These ribbons eventually gave way to what looked like some sort of folded square. It looked kind of like a package, but it looked like it was made out of clay or dough and folded a little bit like an envelope. It was sitting on a table that seemed to be in a location that reminded me of the Catholic church I had to attend in elementary school. I interacted with the entity by waving my arms in a specific way, which "woke it up". Then I began a banter with it. I had a complete deja vu experience where I was once again fed food, and it felt *EXTREMELY* real.. just as much as the last time. I felt the texture in my mouth; it seemed kind of cardboard-ish, wafer-ish, or some similar texture (I later made a connection that this texture reminded me of the "host" of the Holy Spirit that we were given as Communion in church). I was given three of them, and went through an experience that I was absolutely *certain* I'd had before. I 'knew' in that moment that *this was the purpose, or at least a major purpose of hyperspace*; to bring back this material that I was eating! I once again instinctively swallowed it, and was fed the food three times as I mentioned. The last time, I felt the food lingering in my mouth, as you do when you are chewing food and get some stuck in your mouth. I could still feel it in my mouth as I was coming down, and I (stupidly, HAHA) tried to see if I could retain it and retrieve it after I started to come down from my trip! I realized very quickly how stupid of an idea this was, as I remembered the "merits of metaphor" and thought to myself besides this that it was almost an insult to not have faith in this great gift I had received. I stopped trying to retain some of the food and just thought to myself about the gift and how to utilize it. My friend who was with me during this experience told me that he had witnessed me doing the hand motions and dance, speaking to somebody, and then making obvious eating and swallowing motions (he even had seen it happen three times).


    I have since been researching a bit about entities giving people food to eat during ayahuasca experiences. The closest phenomenon I have been able to find is when tribal peoples were given " tsensak", or "magical darts" to swallow during their ayahuasca experiences. I have also thought a lot about the parallels of this experience to "the host" and "the body of Christ" and how this experience may have merely been symbolic of that. I always try to entertain all possibilities and meanings, and experience great enjoyment in doing so.

    I guess that my main question is, has anybody else been given extremely realistic food to eat while in hyperspace, particularly food that felt just as real as the food that you consume in your daily life? If so, what kind of experiences have you had and what did you make of it? I would love to hear more… Does anybody else have any resources that discuss tribal peoples consuming DMT or ayahuasca and having these kinds of experiences? I find this phenomenon to be absolutely intriguing and would love to learn more on theories as to why this might happen.. Perhaps some Ayahuasqueros on here could share their thoughts?

    Thanks for reading
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    how much did you smoke?.. I think I need to up my dose!!
  3. TryptaNice

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    First time only about 20mg of DMT by itself. Then the two recent ones, the first one was 20mg of n,n-DMT with about 3mg 5-MeO-DMT on top of MDMA.. The last one was 30mg of DMT with N2O on top of 4-ho-MiPT. So I guess it varies. :p

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