Easy Journey To Other Planets

Discussion in 'Hinduism' started by Rhythmdevil, Jan 8, 2005.

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    I have been reading this book called Easy Journey To Other Planets and it has a really interesting take on the nature of matter and anti-matter. My question to those who may have read this book is, is the idea of matter and anti-matter relevant to that of modern science or is it just a difference in terms? Thanks!
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    but thanks for the book suggestion... will check it out! (sounds interesting)
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    to me, modern science kind of represents our ego's attempt at some sort of spirituality, or understanding of existance. the only problem is that to reach full understanding, one must function independent of the ego. matter and antimatter seems to me to be a scientific representation of the idea of duality:existance versus the void. to answer your question, yes. i think this may be one of many neccessary steps that science will have to take before the realization of it's own futility can arise. but hey, you should probably figure out what you think about it before you listen to someone who hasn't even finished high school.;)

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