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Discussion in 'Missouri' started by Tallartist, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Hey, does anybody know anything about the East Wind Commune located in Missouri Ozarks?? Didn't it used to be near Arkansas? Is East Wind a real Hippie Commune where people smoke weed, drop acid, create art, farm and have orgies & celibrations?? Or, is it just a bunch of old people living off the land? I went to the website & they didn't mention anything about the '60s or psychedelics, looked more like environmental hillbilly farmers... I sent them a email but never heard back.
    Does anybody know of any real communes in the usa??

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    East Wind has an assortment of people, including hippies. I can't imagine hippies feeling unwelcome there.

    East Wind has very successful businesses, and beautiful land. Socially, it has often been a failure. Turnover is high, mental illness is common, and members fight like cats and dogs. It may have changed, and I wish it well.

    When I visited, the visitor guide told me East Wind tolerated a member harassing others to the point where they gave up and left. He said it was ironic that the place was dedicated to non-violence, yet allowed harassment, otherwise. Also, I saw a witch hunt atmosphere, in which not-so-popular men were accused of sexual harassment. Once a charge of sexual harassment was made, there was little a guy could do to unconvinced some of the cliques he was innocent. Witch hunt.

    But, again, it may have changed.
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