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  1. My dream is to build my own earthship on some land and farm and raise animals and shit. any others out there that share my interest in earthships?
    lets talk. :)
  2. falconer

    falconer Member

    When i read "earthship" i pictured something like a tall ship with wheels, pushed across a meadow by the wind. That'd be sweet...

    I use to dream about earthship-type green homes. Now i dream bigger, but the self sustaining, environmentally friendly part remains.

    Have you given any on depth thought to the crops and animals you want to raise?
  3. animal wise i want to have chicken and goats, a horse to ride on, and some big sassy farm cats. and as for the crops my man will be growing those, he is the one with the green thumb. (i will assist of course) but we would like to grow watermelon, squash, lettuce, peppers, carrots, potatoes, onions, our own herbs. pretty much anything we can grow. we want to have our own water source, get some solar panels. our earthship is going to be circular, made out of tires and other scrap materials such as soda/beer cans, tin. we already do a bit of gardening of the things i just mentioned, and more. my man is the gardener. im the one who likes raising the animals and such. in our pond we want fish of course. we will eat chicken and fish we raise ourselves. and i want to make goat cheese. :)

    when you say you dream bigger, how so? im not quite sure i understand what you mean by that.
  4. falconer

    falconer Member

    Any thoughts on the kind of chickens and goats you want? I hope to score some nigerian milking goats. I wont list my chickens... too many breeds. I recommend silver grey dorkings, though.
    If you ever lean towards dairy cattle, go with miniature jerseys. They need 1/3 of the land and feed a standard size needs, bit they produce 2/3 dairy product.

    My strange life has taken me too far to just settle down into a peaceful, quiet life. As much as i want that...
    Im developing a nonprofit that currently focuses on new, unidentified, and rare/unique plants and fungi. Hopefully new cures and/or crops will be developed. From there the nonprofit will switch from agricultural to agricultural/pharmaceutical. Maybe i dream too big, or am overconfident in myself, but i know i want to make a bigger impact on the world. Might as well try feeding and healing people for free.
  5. um im not getting into specific types of goats and chickens yet. im still a way off from making my dream come true. i should do some more looking into that tho. i've had chickens before that i just simply got at a local flea market. but i live in a city so they died fairly quickly from local dogs eating them. (i know not very wise) i dont plan on getting cattle simply cause its just not my thing. im lactose intolerant so i cant do dairy and i dont like red meat very much. i will deffinatly look into them silver grey dorkings, thanks.

    and i totally know what you mean by not settling down and having a quiet life. i am merely 19, and i feel the world is constantly opening itself in new ways to me. i dig that goal tho. dreams are meant to be big and out there. i have alot i want to accomplish before i do this earthship thing but that is like my nirvana.
  6. kokujin

    kokujin Senior Member

    when i read 'earthship,' i thought it was a play on words, borrowing from internship -- thus, life. (Life is an Eartship)
  7. Crysee

    Crysee Member

    This is my dream as well :)

    I study animal care in college right now and when I graduate I want to create a fully self sustainable ecovillage with an animal shelter on the grounds. I recently learned about earthships and think they are amazing and can't wait to build them. It is just such an extraordinarily sustainable and super cheap way to build, why would you build any other way?

    I plan on having goats for making some cheeses and on occasion milk. Chickens for eggs, free range of course. Maybe a sheep or two for wool. I won't feel the ethical need to be vegan when humanely raising my own animals.

    I will of course grow all of my own organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.

    I will raise money for (stupid) property taxes by holding classes on my grounds, such as ones on herbalism, yoga and dog training. I will also raise money through donations from the animal shelter. I will let people live at the ecovillage in exchange for volunteering at the shelter, tending livestock, cooking, cleaning and gardening.

    I also hope to have a small school for the children of the ecovillage and have residents take turns teaching actual useful subjects.

    I am trying to attend an ecovillage internship of sorts this summer. I would live there for two months and get to experience this was of living.

    I can't wait to start on my dreams, after I get my education done with then I can start.
  8. scottish1324

    scottish1324 Guest

    does anyone know of a earthship in australia?
  9. Moonglow181

    Moonglow181 Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    How do you raise shit? LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  10. My family and I are moving out west, planning on buying a little land and putting an earthship in it! Sounds great to me, but I'm just along for the ride!
  11. Moonglow181

    Moonglow181 Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Sounds fun, seriously now. Good luck with your dream there!

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