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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by JustSayNO, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Respect your pets! they ar the true earth children! we are aliens from a distant universeses spread out through the universe. cats, dogs, all animals hold the true kings placeness tu this planet, it's there enviroment! we live under their rule, ek lu koman dyu shw'lin~ we have pets to guide us in the true ways of the earth, they help our generaitions to adapt to this strange enviroment we all live in, they are our teachers! that is the one and only reason we feel the need to make them apart of our families, so we can learn from their ways, SAY IT WITH ME, EK LU KOMAN DYU SHW'LIN!!!, we are there servants!
  2. jo_k_er_man

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    right.... how about just respecting your pets as much as you would respect a friend or want to be treated because we as beings are all equal(to an extent)
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    Well said, man! Love your little babies! :)
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    Well...yeah. I treat my dog well, and I fully intend on treating all animals who cross my path well.

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