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  1. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    anybody have success with these, I got one as a gift and have been using it and have smoked very few cigs since, and the cigs I've smoked I didn't really wanna finish cuz it didn't taste that good, kind left a bad taste in my mouth, this shit tastes good, and the smoke you blow out, isn't smoke at all, it just smells like steam, like if you held your nose over a pot of boiling water, that type of smell, so I can smoke it on the trains and shit, I really wanna quit smoking, but cigarettes are harder to quit that drugs for real. But I can't afford the price of cigarettes in manhattan, and that's where I'm gonna be working soon. I met a dude on the train the other day smoking one, and we had a chat about them, and both were smoking them on the train. Some people that don't know ask me what that is i'm smoking, and I jokingly tell em' "it's that base, dat coke nigga....rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiaaaaan, I hear the train comin' damn!"
  2. I quit smoking cigs almost four months ago (still addicted to the nicotine lozengers and gum though but it's better than cigs).. neways I've met a lot of ppl recently who told me they quit smoking by using e-cigs because a lot of times if they had a whole cig lite they'd smoke it but if they had an e-cig instead they could just take a couple hits. In any case I've been curious about what they taste like for a while so last week i took a cpl hits off this guy's e-cig. and i liked it.. it took away my urge for nicotine- well, really my urge was to smoke something and it took that away but didn't make me crave buying cigs or anything and starting up again. anyways if i ever decided to smoke again i'd def invest in a decent e-cig that you can buy online and refill because they are much much cheaper and you can smoke em everywhere.
  3. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i don't smoke cigarettes (well, only every once in a great while anyway) but i do like the taste of an e-cig.
  4. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    you can get almost any flavor for it, if you want it to taste like a Newport, they have Newport flavored liquid (it tastes like a menthol, but it lacks the nasty taste real cigs have), you can get vanilla, cotton candy anything, it tastes good, and you can pretty much smoke it anywhere, cuz its not smoke its vapor, it doesn't leave a nasty smell. then vanilla flavors vapor, if you smell it actually smells nice, if anything it freshens the air...I really hope I can quit, cuz I know damn well cigs aint good for my body, and they break the bank too.
  5. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    i quit smoking, but i really enjoy smoking when i drink, so i use an e-cig then. they're really good.

    but i think they aren't very good for actually quitting, i tried to do it that way and failed, they're the same as the patches and the gum, they're nicotine replacement, not a quitting aid, the only way to quit is to cut that shit out, really, otherwise all your doing with these things is putting off withdrawal symptoms.

    but they are a whole lot healthier than actually smoking, soits a worthwhile replacement even if you son't plan to quit, comparatively cheap too.
  6. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    I agree that theres something about cigs that's addicting besides the nictotine, the nicotine is addicing yes, but there is something else, that make quitting so hard, I've heard it said quitting smoking is harder than quitting smack.

  7. Yeah I know e-cigs aren't made to be a quitting aid but I do know ppl who used it as that... and the nicotine gum and lozengers- well, I know it's replacement but I did use them before to quit and afterwards had quit all nicotine for a year so it did work. Right now I have really no desire to stop using the gum n lozengers cause I like them a lot but I'll stop them eventually. At least now it's a lot better then smoking. Oh but my point is you CAN use any of it to quit cigs.

  8. Smoking a cig gives you a lot of instant dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

    For me I sometimes miss just smoking something and that makes me miss cigs now and then even though I still use the nic. gum and yes... I have quit drinking and quit opiates (including suboxone) and other very physically addictive things and really, even though I'm not saying that was EASY, it wasn't that hard once you get over the hard part, ya know? But cigs... man, THE hardest thing to quit and stay quit. Something about them has pulled me back time n time again in the past. I've quit many times before and re-started. This time though I'm staying quit because I wanna live to see my two yr olds kids grow up... plus I was having serious chronic bronchtis probs when I smoked...can't deal w that shit..

    and anyways with cigs - the actual quitting part- cold turkey is easier for some ppl then others (females have it much worse!)... i have had NO LUCK w cold turkey at home (luck in almost killing someone, that's about it), but when I had to quit cold turkey in jail, it hardly bugged me at all. Go figure. So much of withdrawls is really in your head... if you know you CAN'T do something it takes away the option and it's therefore easier.
  9. Mr. Bleak

    Mr. Bleak Member

    Well, I have smoked cigarettes for 15-16 years and I love em. As I got older I decided I wanted to quit for numerous reasons: Cost, Health, the way that dude who smoked his entire life looks, the smell and all the fucking ashes littering my apartment and car and so on. So I got an e-cig and I am very happy with the results. I have not had a real cigarette in over a month. Not one and I don't even have a desire to go back. The first few days are a little rough as your body is accustomed to the hundreds of chemicals found in most cigs these days. But even still nothing compared to the feeling you get when you try and quit cold turkey. The biggest test for me was drinking and partying. I like to drink and usually have a couple beers after work. No problem there. I have even been to parties where everyone was smoking and I just smoked my vapors all night while getting pleasantly inebriated. I cannot recommend these enough if you wish to quit or are looking for an alternative. Only thing is I worry about the very slim chance that vaporizing nicotine or inhaling so much of these vapors may one day cause health defects. I don't believe they would, but with them being so new it is impossible that any long term study could have been conducted. In fact, I and every other e-smoker are the study.

    Also my mother who has been smoking for a good 20 plus years quit using an e-cig a couple years ago.

    From my research it would seem that it is important to get a good brand which can be a bit expensive. I paid around $75 for a starter kit. Not too happy with the brand I got, though, so cannot recommend a brand. It is a good product overall but I have already had to take advantage of the lifetime warranty once and it looks like a may have to again in the near future...
  10. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    the e-cigs, that patches, gun etc, you might be addicted to that shit but quit cigs, but still can't quit the replacements..thing is tho, the e-cigs, the gun, and the patchets don't have carcinogens, aren't gonna fuck up ur lungs, ur teeth or give u cancer, as long as you don't relapse to cigs, eventually you may be able to quit all nicotine, but at least you aren't harming your body, and many people may be offended if you smoke next to them it they don't smoke, like at a bus stop or w/e.
  11. EL Tuna

    EL Tuna Member

    I had a blu e-cig. I smoke menthols and there is nothing close, IMO all taste like shit. But I figured maybe ill quit them faster after cig's from hating the taste.

    Couple weeks into it and I got a cold, Then moved to my chest and turned out to be pneumonia. I couldn't shake it and couldn't figure out why, I quit smoking etc. The doc saw the blu e-cig and said that's the problem. The third case he has had with e-cig pneumonia.

    Im active and ride mx so im always breathing and getting a workout. I went back to my salems and it took a week to be 100% but haven't had a problem since. Ill try again someday, But ill either cold turkey or Copenhagen chaw.
  12. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    yea, goin to jail is a sure way to quit cigarettes guaranteed...only problem with that method is 1) you gotta go to jail and 2) as soon as u get released and step out on the street, first thing u want is to just smoke a cig, and will ask the first person you see for a cigarette...which tastes nasty cuz you haven't smoke in maybe months, but gives you one hell of a buzz, then you back to the same habit

  13. hahaha yep, that's the catch... gotta go to jail to quit things that way... damn it cause it always works too.

    and lol, yea, walked outta jail and across the street and bought a newport loosie. =) just...HAD TO.
  14. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    I'm guessin you had 2 quarters ready too, that's what a loosie costs here, hell maybe i'lll start sellin loose ones, since I'm not smoking em, i'll just sell all of em, and make like 3 bucks off each pack, but I don't got the time to walk blocks sellin loosies, I got responsibilities ya kno!
  15. lol yep. =)

    and yea that's a good plan... i know in places they don't sell loosies (like a place w.out a corner store), i always thought someone SHOULD be sellin em. They'd sell.

    I used to take extra cigs to raves and sell them and make a lil extra party money... (that just reminded me of that)
  16. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    I got a variety of snus that I haven't touched yet, but I'm saving it for the right time...snus is actually pretty tight, kinda like dip but without the mess, and tastes good, and you don't have to spit and shit...I don't think it's "completely healthty" but much better than other tobacco products.

    I think I can quit cigs, I just gotta have the will power, I quit crystal meth, been clean from it for over a year, almost a year and a half, been to rehab more than once, but that didn't work...I had to totally change everything, cut all ties to certain people places and things, basically start a new life...that's the only way really, you have to get so sick and tired of it, then you can quit, when you can't take the bullshit anymore
  17. Well, congrats on quitting that. =D From what I've heard meth is actually one thing that is considered harder to quit (by some ppl anyway) then dope.

    And yeah, I quit dope and drinking and rehabs didn't work in the long run for me... the only thing that worked in the long run for me was that I decided I actually wanted to... and consequences played a huge part in that for me and having a lot to lose ... but they're not enough on their own. And yes, I also have moved away from everyone I knew and all my triggers and all that.

    Oh, I've tried the snus things...I have a cpl friends who quit cigs who use them now and then and tried one of one of theirs... it was not bad. I really love the lozengers tho. I swear I like them more then cigs.

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