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  1. xhipchick4ux

    xhipchick4ux Member

    What kind of LONG term effects does DXM use have on you?
  2. Goatman88

    Goatman88 Member

    i wouldnt use DXM if i were you...or anyone. This may be one drug the govt doesnt BS about. It CAN be very dangerous or even fatal if used with other drugs, if taken at too high a dose(highly unlikely this would happen though), or taken in cough syrup without checking to be sure DXM is the ONLY active ingriedient in there.
  3. akbal

    akbal Member

    No drug is completely safe. There's no reason to avoid DXM more than any other drug. There have been no proven long-term issues associated with mild abuse of DXM. By mild I mean one, maybe two, high-plateau trips per month. Of course, with regular use, one may start to experience problems. But as far as I have been able to tell, from research and from the experiences of my friends and myself, simply stopping for a while makes those problems go away. The main issues here seem to be memory problems and depression. There has been speculation that long-term use may cause Olney's Lesions in susceptable users. There is no concrete evidence for this that I have been able to find. DXM is not physically addictive, though it may be psychologically addictive in some individuals. Check your DXM source, make sure it is the only active ingredient. Though some products that contain more than DXM will probably not kill you, I would recommend not trying it at least not until you carefully research such combinations. Do NOT mix DXM and acetemenophin (tylenol) unless you wish to die a slow and painful death. Erowid has the best faq on this research chemical, read it carefully if you haven't already. It has some info on possible long-term effects. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/dxm/faq/dxm_faq.shtml

  4. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    Some believe longterm Dmx use can cause 'Olney's Lesions' which are very bad ;)
    It also mixes badly with just about everything...so when used, it's best to do your research and be careful...

    but as for longterm use...it would depend on how heavy you use it. You take weekly heavy/fourth plateau trips with it for a few years and I'd daresay some negative side effects would appear.
  5. akbal

    akbal Member

    Still, there is no concrete evidence that it causes Olney's lesions. I put this claim on the same level as the one claiming LSD eats holes in your brain. Its purely anectdotal and almost certainly innacurate.

    Also, while DXM mixes badly with many other _pharmaceuticals_, it goes quite well with a beer or two, weed, and shrooms (though I certainly wouldn't take them all in the same trip, just pick one).

    Heavy use of any any powerful drug is going to cause problems. Also, like most substances, science has not observed all the possible side effects of DXM. As of right now though, assuming the user does not mix DXM with incompatable substances and limits his or her trips to a reasonable amount (and isn't allergic), there have been no long-term effects observed.

    A close friend of mine who introduced me to DXM has himself been taking it on a regular basis for over 3 years, with only a few breaks in between mostly due to lack of funds. He almost always enters the higher plateaus and does this anywhere from once a month to every week. He has also twice entered the elusive plateau sigma. This is considered heavy use of DXM. The ongoing effects he has experienced are depression (which he is prone to even without drug use), problems with memory, and weight loss (DXM tends to supress the appetite). His hangovers also tend to be worse with heavy use. He reports that these effects go away or lessen considerably after only a few weeks of abstaining from using DXM and other substances. It should be noted though that he is also on several prescribed medications and regularly ingests shrooms and smokes marijuana. These could well be increasing his symptoms.

    As with any drug, you have to weigh the pros and cons of ingesting DXM. If you follow the instructions for a safe trip, a few DXM trips will cause no damage and will let you know if you are one of the (lucky?) third who enjoys it. Beyond that, consider if the possibility that there may be undiscovered long term effects that may yet manifest is worth it to you, and add to the scales if you have an addictive personality because any drug addiction can cause serious problems.

    Peace :)
  6. Stalkz

    Stalkz Member

    It's not even proven that onley's lesions happen in mammals.
  7. erowid

    erowid Member

    he tested it on rats I thought, and there mammals, yet It certainly is not proven that this would apply for the human mind, and I actually think that is the only mammal it has been tested on so in a sense I guess your right. There seems to be a consensus that within a year, probably sooner, even some of the worst long-term dissasociator effects are usually recovered from, this is talking like that other fellow said though with frequent third/fourth plateau trips for quiet some time.

    If you keep it second plataeu and lower every now and again or just try out a third plateau trip once or twice I'd say your on pretty safe ground.
  8. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    From 50+ trips on DXM (all done safely, with DXM-only preparations), I do not believe I have had any lasting adverse effects. I can tell you for sure that I have learned a lot about myself and the world around me.
  9. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    DXM sure does make you feel alot dumber the next day.
  10. Stalkz

    Stalkz Member

    That's never happend to me..
  11. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    The only odd thing I can really remark on having happened to me due to Dxm was that once during a higher 2nd plateau trip I couldn't seem to 'get off' while having realtions with my girlfriend...I 'got it up' just fine and nothing felt wrong, just couldn't manage to finish off...which I suppose isn't such a bad thing(especially if you ask her ^^)

    But otherwise I can't report anything negative...though I have not used heavily nor terribly regularly.
  12. may be a dumb question so excuse me if it is but I was wondering the long term affects of dxm in coriciden form? Some friend of mine take a box at a time quite frequently...one time when I did I think I may have had a seizure...lol..any way they can cause that? Any long term affects of taking them in that form? And what do you mean a slow death about mixing it with Tylenol?!?!?!
  13. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    DXM has it's own possible harmful effects, but please greenbutterflydaisy, don't use CCC. The other ingrediants in it can harm you a lot more than you think. You are taking it in such high doses, and the other crap in there is NOT meant to be injested in those quantities. Look it up on erowid.com. It's an unbiased website and it still has big ol warnings on CCC. THat should tell you something!
  14. stoner24/7

    stoner24/7 Member

    does anyone else feel real shitty the next day after a low third plateua trip kinda like a shaky feeling??
  15. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

  16. shas

    shas Member

    I feel pretty stupid and nonfunctional the day after a hard trip, but I usaully look better physically. Some friends have said it is the same for themselves...
  17. machine elf

    machine elf Member

    i've had many experiences with dxm, currently, no side effects. its been about 18 months since i've used it. as far as evidence of brain lesions, i see none, although, i now require much higher doses of dissociative drugs to reach threshold. take that as you will. anyways, i promised myself that i'd stop permanently, otherwise i felt like i might die. towards the end, i couldn't even trip. i would normally take a 3rd/4th plateau dose, enough to get over my threshold, where i was flying. anyways, towards the end, i was doing it maybe at 3 week intervals. the last 4 or 5 trips were shit. complete shit. i was puking on syrup that i never puked on before. i was getting barely any visuals. and i was having horrible headaches, and about an hour after i drank i would get really red in the face and really hot. i felt like crap. thats when i decided to stop. i felt i was at serious risk for stroke. so that was at the end. from when i started up till a few months before i stopped, trips were great. i was most fond of upper third, lower fourth, and sigma trips. those were all fun. really high fourth plateau trips are best avioded, but they're an experience. imo its ok to try one or two, but don't get into any habit of really high doses.

    one time i took 1.5g which was very high for me at the time considering im a smaller individual and i felt that i was almost in danger. i was sitting upright during the whole trip, even the most intense parts, in front of a campfire from dosing until my tripsitters dragged me (literally, and i don't remember this happening) back into our cabin. i awoke in the morning and i was told that during the night i didnt even move until i awoke. the trip was completely out of this world, there were just endless planes that i was spinning on. i was emersed in the campfire that i was sitting in front of. at one point i visualised myself alone, completely alone in the universe. i understand this is a common experience as dxm is a dissociative. i didn't understand it until i experienced it...literally nothing around me. but the thing about dxm...its indifferent. it was ok. it was so quiet...the most quiet that i've ever experienced. but it was empty, i had no feeling. that was later on in the trip, i think that was the more dangerous point. the first part was intense travelling over planes of existence. it was great. the latter part...it was an experience. i'll leave it at that.

    if you're new and you care to try, be careful, be very careful, have a tripsitter. don't go right to a high dose. if you have high blood pressure or history of stroke in your family, consider not taking dxm, or at least not very high doses. in my experience, my blood pressure increases to an unhealthy level during the entry to the trip. trip at your own risk. and please, dont hurt yourself, not only will you fuck yourself over, you'll give a worse reputation to drugs which CAN be used safely...so...be safe.
  18. shas

    shas Member

    Yeah it is pretty easy to go a little too far with dxm. One time i went to beach with a couple of my friends and I had much more than i was used to taking at the time. I had taken my share of my core, a package (we were doing coricidin...i know its bad) and one of my friends had gotten two packs, thinking that my friend hadnt brought any, so had some of his too, then my other friend didnt want all of hers, so i had some of hers also...I dont remember much but my friends said it i was freaking them out...i remember i kept saying that i hadnt thrown up(you almost always through up when you do core) but i was saying that while i was throwing up(my friends told me). I did a lot of other weird shit, that my friends had to deal with. If there is one thing i hate its being a burden when everybodies trying to have their own trip. Its too bad i dont remember much from that time because i kept on going... but i had freaked my friends out so much that they cut back a lot. but like machine elf was saying...i get really hot and itchy most of the times too, and if not i get really cold. doesnt seem like a big deal though...its one of the more mild side effects.

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