DXM polistirex SUPER EASY cold water extraction

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    I Present to you the easiest way to extract dxm​

    What you will need:
    Product containing DXM polistirex (Delsym)
    A gallon zip lock bag
    Razor, credit card, etc.


    Simple Steps:

    Before starting i recommend you read the additional notes at the bottom of the page.
    1) Pour your delsym into plastic bag.

    2) After pouring out the syrup fill the bottle back up with water and pour into bag. Repeat this step 3 times

    4) Hang up bag like the picture above with your clips and hanger

    5) let sit for 2 or more hours.

    6) Either pour water out or poke hole in bag to let the water drain.

    7) Transfer the sludge from the bottom corner to a plate or something flat

    8) Let dry overnight

    9)Scrape powder (looks like sand) with credit card or razor

    Additional notes:

    What this is basically doing is thinning out the syrup so the dxm is able to move through the liquid and gather at the bottom. Pretty simple, right?

    I would recommend using delsym orange because it is not as thick as the grape kind.

    here are some additional steps to get the most amount of dxm possible from your extraction

    5a) After letting the bag sit pour about 65% of the water out through the top.

    5b) Refill with more water

    5c) let sit for 15-30 minutes

    5d) repeat as many times as you feel necessary. what this is doing is further thinning out the water allowing the stray dxm floating around to find its way to the bottom
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    hey did this and got some powder is this what im looking for?

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