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    Duvets are one of the most appreciated products, and everyone wants to have it as a part of their bedding material. For this reason, one must not compromise on the quality parameters when the need for buying it arises. If you are looking for one of the kind that ensure a perfect night’s sleep, you must know a few important things before selecting one from the available variety in the market.

    One of the interesting facts about the product is that these are known for their high thermal insulation properties, and that is why, the need for a blanket goes obsolete with its use. In fact, it can also replace the need for a bedspread.

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  2. GeorgeJetStoned

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    My duvet is down-filled and costs $30US to have dry cleaned. Worth every dime. It feels like it has no weight yet the warmth is perfect. Do NOT have sex on a good duvet.
  3. AveraYugen

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    The Duvet Project is a special effort by Kathy Kelly and Voices for Creative Nonviolence....to provide aid and comfort to freezing civilian refugees in Afghanistan. Please find it in your heart to contribute a bit of money (twenty or thirty bucks say) to this worthy cause. Website for more information: http://vcnv.org/the-duvet-project. Address for contributions: Voices for Creative Nonviolence
    1249 W Argyle St
    Chicago, IL 60640
    and write Duvet Project in the memo line.
  4. drumminmama

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    I love my two duvets. One heavy, one light. The two combine for holy cow it's freezing nights.
    Both have covers that are washable.
    Now, I have a question, fine forum folk.
    Sheet or no sheet?
    The arguments I hear are that 1) the cover is meant to be washed as bed linen, just like the pillowcase and bottom sheet; or, 2) some duvets are a pain to get in and out of the covers and a sheet extends time between washings.
    I like sheets, personally, but I'm not sure they are necessary.

    What about you, top sheet or more frequent washing?

    Secondary question, one duvet or two for two sleepers?
  5. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    link may or may not be for a legit charity, but spam either way
  6. Karencraw

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    I'd love to have that! ;)

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