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    While the site does a good job at spelling out the difference between inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning and does have some interesting links, most of the time he calls many people quacks simply because he disagrees with them. Looking at his qualifications and CV hardly make him no more of an expert opinion than the people he criticizes. Controversy is integral to science. His knowledge of nutrition is literally decades out of date. He states that fat causes heart disease and therefore low fat diets are healthy. Trans fats cause all sorts of health problems and should be avoided at all costs, but traditional fats are healthy. I suspect that the promotion of low fat diets is really promotion of low fat dairy products as there is a huge world surplus of skimmed milk powder.

    His criticism of Adelle Davis is hardly fair play as she died 32 years ago and her books were published decades ago. Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit was first published 52 years ago and has not been revised since 1970. The book does have some glaringly inaccuriacies by today's wisdom, but it is easy to be wise with hindsight. Curiously there is no warning about the dangers of Statin drugs especially the scandal of Cerviastatin. Far more people died premeturaly or became seriously ill from taking cervastatin than form ever reading Adelle Davis' books. He would do more of a service to the public if he mentioned the ludicrous and dangerous claims made by PETA and VIVA.

    2.Joe Espisto. http://www.alternativesouls.com/hh/drjrs.html have listened to some but not all of Dr. Joes radio shows and read through his web pages. I suggest you do not waste your time or download listening to his shows as I consider them to be based on myths, unreferenced, inaccurate, speculative, generalized, promote fear, and altogether unscientific.

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