Dry weed.

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by groovecookie, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I some misconceptions until recently, when experience showed me different, about dry weed not needing rehydration. I thought the only difference between dry weed and rehydrated was how long it took to smoke the bowl--not in the amount of buzz you get from that bowl.

    But after actually trying the same weed that i had smoked before that was way too dry rehydrated i could definately tell a big difference not just in the burn time but in the amount of buzz from a bowl. If you want the most buzz for your buck, then definately throw in a piece of lettuce into that dry weed!

    I think it's because with dry weed more THC is burned up than is converted to smoke. That's my theory anyway...i could be wrong.[​IMG]
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    the drier the higher... as they always say.. i always let my weed sit out so that it dries a bit before i smoke it... only reason i'll add lettuce or a fruit peel is just to make it burn slower
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    I've noticed that the dryer the weed the more harsh the it is smoking it in blunts. i like sticky ickies.

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