dry spell?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by thedudeabides0, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Is anyone else having troubles finding weed? A friend and I have been looking for like a week, and we haven't been able to find anything. I swear we've probably called like 30 people combined. I'm about to pick up a sack tonight, because one of our dealer's finally has some, so that's sweet. Anyways, major drought in the Minneapolis area, for me at least.
  2. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

    I feel your pain. I'm dry, but I have friends who are cool about smoking me out until stuff looks up. I just make sure I'm generous when I have pot, so it will come back to me.
  3. Monsieur

    Monsieur Member

    Dallas has been dry for some time now it really sucks
    i think alot of it down here has to do with the recent border security buffing
  4. CubanB

    CubanB Member

  5. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    haha every one of my dealers is dry, but i can steal little bits from my sis
  6. yazzer

    yazzer Member

    i'm dry as a bone right now too... :(

    stilll tryin'....

  7. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    Things are looking good in my neck of the woods. Never fear bro, Cheese is at Red Rocks this weekend....the lot will be killer as usual.
  8. peacelovebarefeet

    peacelovebarefeet BuRniN oNe...

    Mmm.... I LOVE ME SOME CHEESE.... things are always lookin PHUNKY and kYnD for meeeeee......
  9. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    who doesn't love the cheese especially with Keller and Ratdog...gonna be a great weekend
  10. Monsieur

    Monsieur Member

    er im gonna sounds stupid
    what's cheese? i've never heard of it
  11. Cheese to some is the group String Cheese Incident and to some others:

    From: http://www.smokersguide.com/sg/index.html

    Purchased: Homegrown Fantasy - November - 2005 Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Origin: CC entry 2005. –Pure” Indica. Bio.

    Look: This stuff is really dense, Christmas tree shaped buds; I would call these nearly albino, in the sense that what should be dark or with more color is actually nearly white-washed. The leaves are tiny and uniform and are covered with fine transparent crystals. The hairs are fine and very light yellow-white-orangish. It breaks up with a bit of effort, but I did not have the heart to throw this in a grinder and lose some of its crystals and smell.

    Smell: The smell in the bag is actually quite cheesy, like an artificial cheddar cheese, almost like from an old Cheetos bag. There is also a soft danky smell (NL: een beetje muf) After you start breaking it up a little more, the scent turns slightly fruity, slightly savoury, with an unmistakable nearly gaseous and heavy smell. There is such a fine funk associated with this weed strain: I canêt wait to smell it burning.

    Taste: I had to chew on the stem and it too, possessed many traits like the smell. Chomping on the stem also left my tongue slightly numb. Somehow the flavor of this in a vapourisor reminds me of a thin crusted pizza that has taken some of the flavour from the metal pan it was on. Thereês also a little bit of anisette left behind which I had noticed last year from this strain. Consistency is always goodÄ

    Effects: Besides the fact of the cheese taste and cheese smell, this shit gets you HIGH! This is a –metallic high”. Itês the equivalent to having your head banged round the inside of a tin can for a few crazy minutes before you settle down and go into cruise-controlÄ at which point you happen to –misplace” about 4 hours of your lifeÄ and not in a bad way! Cheese –super trips” come in waves, where you just tune in and out, getting on with your life.

    Overall: I canêt say how much I love this weed! It should be a contender for the top honours at the Cannabis Cup, but you never know with such a messy judging system! All I know is that this weed makes you talk about drugs! I guess it is cos you are so tweaked on this, you end up hypothesizing over the FX of other natural drugs; Mother Nature put some really nice gear on this planet for us to enjoy! This is top shit because it is uniquely refreshing in a world of Hazes and –Whites”! Kudos to the Homegrown Fantasy crew for presenting such a lovely strain again!"

    And by the way, no dry spells ever in Amsterdam

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