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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by newo, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. newo

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    I work at a place that does very occasional random drug tests. I had to take a test when I started there 3 1/2 years ago and took another one almost 2 years ago, so I could be due for a third one anytime now. I used to smoke a lot of weed in my youth but now it's just a little, maybe once or twice a month, and then only a hit or two. I'm wondering how long I should expect it to take before it's out of my system and doesn't show up in my piss. I've heard 30 days is safe but since I smoke it so seldom I would think I'd be okay 2-3 weeks after indulging. What have you heard?
  2. r0llinstoned

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    if you really do only smoke once or twice a month, 1-2 hits each time it should be out of your system in a few days at most. Especially if you have a fast or semi fast metabolism.

    The only way you would really fail would be if you smoked one day, and were tested the very next day, or possibly two days later.
  3. Ivory62

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    3-5 days for infrequent users. 10 days for heavy.

    It can depend on body fat and on metabolism. Also, it can be detected in hair samples for a long time after urine shows clear.
  4. newo

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    Well I'm not going to let them cut my hair.

    I'm in my late 50s so my metabolism isn't so fast and I'm about 20 pounds overweight, so based on what you're telling me it sounds like I should be OK after about a week. I've also heard that cranberry juice and green tea are both good at helping flush it out of your system, so I should drink some for a few days after smoking. Jobs aren't so easy to find here in Oregon, especially at my age, so I need to be careful.
  5. Irminsul

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    Go for a jog and work it out in a couple of days.
  6. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Another thing, once in awhile we bake some pot brownies. If you eat it does it take longer to leave your system than if you smoke it?
  7. unfocusedanakin

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    The day of your sample I would drink allot of water and take a vitamin B tablet. This way all you piss is water but the vitamin B tablet will color your urine so it doesn't look suspicious. Also give them the middle of the stream, not the start or finish, the middle has the least THC in it.

    Even with the slower metabolism of being older, an infrequent smoker should be ok in a few days. But everyone's body is different.
  8. newo

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    The tests are always unannounced, they will send me an email 15 minutes before I'm supposed to take it, so it's not something I can plan for. But I do take vitamin B anyway, plus I drinks lots of water while at work, so I suppose I should be fine.
  9. I'd hate to put you in jeopardy with your job, but here is what I experienced:

    I go through phases with weed where I will smoke just about as (in)frequently as you do now. I'd also only take a hit, and once I had an unexpected drug test a couple of days after my last smoke. I was freaking out because everything I heard was I needed at least two weeks to a month. I managed to pass the drug test just fine (it was an oral exam, I'm aware urine and hair exams can be "better" detectors of substances) and I was fine from then on.

    For a little extra details I weigh around 180lbs or less, I have maybe 8% body fat, I'm average to below weight, I'm just over 6 feet tall, and my diet is decent at best.(Fruits and veggies sure, but i also have some stoner meals) I didn't drink a lot of water, but I do normally have a lot of tea during the day.

    IMO I think you're safe, especially if you're being cautious. But it is up to you, and I don't recommend indulging any further with pot, which doesn't even sound like a problem for you.

    Good luck man!
  10. Lynnbrown

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    I'm going to ask what to me is a very obvious question. You live in a state which has medical marijuana. There are a NUMBER of reasons a person could be prescribed MM. At your age (which I am 56 myself) I cannot imagine you not having aches, pains and/or anxiety to justify a doctor prescribing it for you! So why haven't you already gone to a doctor and gotten a MM card?!?

    I live in one of the more backasswards states (SC) and I imagine they would institute prohibition and outlaw abortion, if they could. The sole only reason I am not actively trying to get out of this place is because my son lives here.

    However, I don't understand why in the world you don't have a legitimate MM card, and well...then you wouldn't have to worry about that 1 or 2 tokes you take every blue moon or the brownies you "may" occasionally injest.
  11. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Even if I were a card carrying medical marijuana user I could be fired for failing a drug test. It's still a federal crime.
  12. Yes, I live in CO, even with it legalized jobs will still fire employees for use of marijuana, even if it is on the weekends and doesn't in any way affect job performance.
    Dumb huh?
  13. NoxiousGas

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    No, don't try this. They test for certain proteins in the urine and can tell by the amount present if you tried to dilute the sample by drinking tons of water, equals automatic fail.

    Now you do want to drink enough so your urine isn't real strong, but not so much that you are pissing clear.
    Unfortunately time and abstinence are the only certain methods.
  14. Peacelovedogs

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    Haha...my husband was a heavy user and we are at day 93 and finally have a real negative. I have a thread on here that I've been updating. We thought we had a neg several weeks back but no. 93 days. Seriously.
  15. Peacelovedogs

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    He is 6'2" and weighs 189 currently. Has a fast metabolism and took tons of cleansers.
  16. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    If I'm not mistaken the main test for dilution is the test for creatinine levels, circumvented by loading up on red meat or creatine supplements in the days leading up to the test. B vitamins color the urine allowing you to dilute without failing for tests where no advanced methods are used to detect dilution.

    The two together should be pretty highly effective when done right.

    Also peacelovedogs, not sure what you mean by cleansers but most products marketed with the ability to clean out your system or help you detox for a drug test are scams. The general idea is a drink high in B vitamins and presumably other things to help color the urine, and the instructions will tell you to fill the bottle with water several times over and drink it all so that you end up simply diluting your urine.

    You have a good point though, everyone is different when it comes to these things and no one on the internet can tell you with any accuracy how long you will have to wait to pass a drug test. I think the people in this thread have been a bit quick to assure the OP that he will pass. I can say pretty safely that many people would fail every drug test they took if they were smoking once or twice a month. Many people pass every drug test they take while only taking minute breaks from habitual smoking as well. It's pretty easy to see how widely the results vary between people, so I would plan for the worst until you get a feel for how long it takes your body to get clean.
  17. Peacelovedogs

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    He was taking the 7-14 day detox kits. They clean your system of everything. Not a mask.

    He tested negative for a one medication with the detox (now that's positive! Legal too) but not so with THC. That stuff just didn't want to leave his body.
  18. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    I'm not familiar with any 7-14 day detox products, but I can pretty much promise you they wouldn't do anything to help pass a drug test for THC, as you can pretty plainly see. I'd venture a guess that the detox product did next to nothing and that your husband was able to test negative for other drugs because they leave the system much more quickly than THC.
  19. Peacelovedogs

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    He took 2 - 7 day detoxes and 1 - 14 day detox. They sell them near masks but people use them for health reasons too. They just help to get toxins out quicker.

    I just want others to know that 30 days isn't a magic number. I'm just glad he's cool now.
  20. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    With my last test it had been a little over 30 days since I smoked and I passed it just fine. I wish I could find out what's the minimal safe time but it sounds like the only way to find out is with my next test whenever they decide to spring it on me.

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