Drone Wars!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wooleeheron, May 5, 2024.

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    Special services warn of Russian sabotage across Europe - FT (msn.com)

    The US discouraged the Ukrainians from venturing deep into Russia to destroy their oil reserves, and this is why. Everyone using drones means its more important than ever to go straight to the source, and stop them from making more. Putin is a classic Russian oligarch, and Russia would have eventually taken this route, but China supplying them with materials guaranteed they would do it sooner.

    Size does matter, and between Russia and China we need an entirely new scientific revolution, one that's actually long overdue. The machines will have to take over, because people are too stupid to survive themselves. Whether you want to call it war, or a hostile takeover bid, depends on which AI you ask, but China wants to own half the damn planet.

    The west has the lead in self-assembling and reel-to-reel printing and 3d printing, but it looks like our factories might be moving underground. Three years is a long time for this kind of war, and the ecology is about to collapse any day now!
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    @wooleeheron we ask that you not start another thread on drone wars, you already started another one in this same forum. Please keep it all in one thread.
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