Drip Irrigation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by tiedye420, Sep 10, 2005.

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    Last weekend was payday.
    I setup a drip system over the weekend.
    A totally manual drip, but it saves much time, and my back feels much betteer now.
    One main ball valve (the expensive kind) For on and off.
    Two secondary valves to seperate veg the from budroom.
    1/2 tubing and spaghetti line (of course)
    On the bigger 3-5 gallon growbags I put a 2 gph drip emitter for each one.I may add another later if they need more.
    On the same line i have 3/4 gallon pots, and one gph emmitters.I may switch them down to 1/2 gph if needed.
    In the veg room on another line the moms are on 2 gph emmitters.
    So i have to handwater only the seedlings now
    Which are.....
    Romberry-P-19 f2
    So they will be going into a dialed in drip system as soon as they are ready for it.....
    For now i got a budroom full of stinky f3's..
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    It seems your pc is back up.Whats the deal with those indie dom stinky beans?
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    I sorted out a few for ya.
    Thinkg is i found a couple hermies. Aside from transgendered males which are plentiful. There were females getting stamens. So i been holding off on sending until i had it figured out.
    Now i figured it out- the hermies were just some oxacan highlands golds that got mixed in with stinky f3. I was crushed, puzzled, hurt, confused,then releived to figure out recently they were the landrace oxacans.
    So im looking for the other batch of seeds to pick you out 50 tomorrow.
    Today i shored up a house with missing load bearing timbers under it, for one of the guys at work.Stuck in a new beam under floating joist tails, and lifted the house to fix it.
    Quite a can of worms there but it was kinda fun.
    I lag I know but I'll get em out real soon.
    Now that i got a drip system going, it gives me time on my hands a little.And the plants do much better on drip.
    Im smoking some 3rd gen now and it's kickin my ass. Im sure the BX's will be really special.
    the pack with smaller writing will be the stinkiest.
  4. tiedye420

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    And they are on their way to the box now.
    Should be there by thursday at the latest....
    Good luck

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