drinkin' beer in the hot sun

Discussion in 'Beverages' started by riptiderevolucion, May 11, 2004.

  1. Am I the only beer drinker who has no interest in imbibing alcoholic beverages when it's hot out?

    I see all these people downing beers in the sun, and I'm like, "Why would you do that?" I mean, I understand the allure, but when I'm basking in the heat the last thing I want is something that's going to dehydrate me. I get queasy just thinking about. Blah.

    And, somewhat related to what Pressed Rat was saying about beer temps, it's sensible to want something nice and cold when it's hot out, but since the cold kills the taste of beer anyway, why not just go for something more delicious or just drink water?

    As far as fruity cocktails and slushy drinks and whatnot, that makes more sense, at least, but I'm still not pounding alcohol in the sun. I'll stick to water or Gatorade or lemonade or whatever.
  2. nesta

    nesta Banned

    i think having a few beers in the heat isn't a big deal, but i definitely wouldn't want to be drunk in the summer out in the sun...not so much a problem of dehydration (i can always drink more water after the beer) as that it would seem to me heat and drunkenness could get easily uncomfortable...
  3. you just gotta choose the right brew for being out in the sun.

    when ever i drink beer outside in the sun i always make sure i drink PLENTY of water as well!
  4. BoozeJockey

    BoozeJockey Member

    I agree, when i'm truly thirsty, beer really isn't what comes to mind first. Anything cold in the heat is good though, and an ice cold american piss beer might be ok, i'd rather drink gatorade though.
  5. BigBong

    BigBong Member

    I really enjoy drinking beer in the sun.. I am suprised that most of yall dont =P However, I do drink the "hated" domestic beers due to my lack of selection due to my age.. My selection at my store down the street is all domestic beer.. Back to the point, I love getting really drunk going tubing down a river on a hot summer day.. Or drinking out at the beach with some friends and females.. Sometimes loading up the ski boat for some tubing behind the boat..
  6. one of my best memories was during my wedding week in antigua...

    we were at sandals so alll our drinks were paid for. there were 7 bars and we had a mini-bar in our suite with local beer, wine, vodka, champagne, whiskey, and bottled water...

    the beach was 10 feet from our door.

    a pool with a hot tub 10ish feet from the back door.

    and it was niiiice... hot as hell every day BUT with very low humidity.

    sitting out there every day.... drinking a brew... readins, swimming in the crystal clear ocean...

    GOING TO THE POOL BAR that had... volley ball and such and played our cd's....

    man, good times.

    you just gotta drink a lotta water too.

    good times... awwwwwwwwwww, im sad im now there now!
  7. LadyComet

    LadyComet Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I Had too much beer already and feel all kinds of bloated.....yuck.........

  8. makno

    makno Senior Member

    i started drinking beer after sunset ...but its late now and i should be drunk by now !whats wrong ?
  9. makno,

    i dont know but im having the same problem.
  10. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    I like beer in hot weather, but I don't overdo it. And, it has to be the right kind of beer. Stouts and heavy ales are no good when it's really hot out. Most shitty American beer is perfect for when it's like 90 degrees with 100% humidity, and you just want something you can slam down like water. Ballantine and PBR are perfect in that kind of weather.
  11. nesta

    nesta Banned

    didn't see that one coming....

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