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    First a quick rehash of who the Drifters are:
    Formed in 1953, 13 top 30 hits, most of which are now considered some of the best songs ever.
    They've had 60 different members over the years.

    For those who don't want to read farther, how was the concert?....bummer.

    First we had to get there and we forgot the biggest antique car show in the world was going on in Hershey, and we had to go right through town.

    So that took awhile.
    We got there for free hors d'oeuves and booze, which was pretty good. There were about maybe 200 people. We both had a glass of wine and lots of finger food and talked to the guy that drew up our will 15 years ago. He said we should redo it.
    The problem was it rained so they moved the deal inside and there weren't enough tables and chairs. So we stood for an hour and a half.

    I did fine in my chic attire, I went with the "master" long sleeve shirt roll up, and I must say it worked out well. I wanted to wear my das boots, but got vetoed.
    We fit right in, in fact some people had blue jeans on and one jag off was running around with dark blue Bermuda shorts, a polka dot shirt, light blue sports coat, black socks, blue canvas tennis shoes and an Eraser Head haircut.
    Turns out he was the guy that organized the whole thing.

    The show started at 8:00 and they brought out a few more chairs. We were sitting about 15 feet from the stage which was about two feet high with a small dance floor in between.
    They sang all the Drifters hits and a bunch of covers of other stuff, but the sound system was terrible as the band was too loud and drowned out the singers a lot.
    People danced to the Pony, the Bump, some dance modeled after the way Walter Brennon walked in The Real McCoys, and other dances that I forget.

    For those of you that remember when weddings had real live bands instead of DJs......you get the idea, except there wasn't any cake.

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