dreamsweeps and I had an ephiphany

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by HerbuhLovuh, May 22, 2004.

  1. Or maybe I am having an epiphany but since I was chatting with him(I thought he was a she for a couple hours too) I just wanted to blame all the ideas I am having on something.
    Well, see, people who eat shrooms in their life, often tend to become stoners if they already weren't(or are able to conceptualize such a thing, which, I am asserintg, is no advantage over the intelectuals). Shrooms open your eyes, then when your eyes open up, you need to glaze them closed so you become a stoner.
    (or that's what I am having done, and I figure though I am an alien we do share some genetic code.)
    The other epiphany I had is that since he is 3 yo and I am 5yo, the only difference in years is that one gets hairier and stupider. Well, or, is better able to assert that that's all that I am asserting at this point in my life, me, being the sum total of one parsec of the all the evolution of the universe and every dead person before me, not to mention into all the ones I am creating now forever after me.

    Just a moment ago dreamsweep said Hello Herbal
    and I said What the hells going on?
    Apparently he was just about to ask the same question.
    Now I am wondering if stating the same intent is a way of subverting all rational thought process in order to have fun masterbating instead.
    In all honesty I have no idea.

    Do you? If you do make sure you tell me in a way that is mocking, belittling, offensive, and annoying, that way I can get pissed off and do something absurd, which I am going to do any other way.Why I am saying this now? Well, lets just say, I am able to pretend I know the future so well I can just assume certain things might have happened that way they never did. And don't think that means I am leaving you some damned oppurtunity! The fact that waking life is hell is true no matter how many times you overturn that logic, and I am going to hate you until you become so insane no logic can be accepted, because then we are all telepathic alien light beings capable of instantaneous transmission. After reading this message burn your computer.
    -Herbal out.
  2. Y'know, sometimes I'm not sure if even you know what you're talking about.
  3. Well, in that case your an idiot. After reading my above post it shuld be completely obvious to you I am not really talking abou something I know I am talking about.
  4. Well, the question that must be asked is this:
    Do you even know wether you're talking or not?
    Because generally, you must know that before knowing what it is you're talking about (that is, if you're talking at all!).

    I rest my case, and you sir, are a lava lamp.
  5. I could pretend I am retarded(I am) and say but I am not event talking I am just writing! So do I even know I am writing about what you are talking about? Yes I am annoyingly aware of that. I am doing my best to not be me solely on account of you who I am.
  6. If you were me, I think I might be aware of it... unless of course, you didn't take total control, you took just enough for me to think that I am still in control.
    Damn body-snatchers...
  7. I am not the one doing it. It's my dream double energy body.
  8. Well... this seems like a job for Ghost Busters....
    Or possibly the Mad_Buster...
    Or a sesame seed bagel with a delightful cream-cheese on it.

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