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    I am pleased to announce the signing and acceptance of a contract for the publication and upcoming release of "Dreams-The Gateway." Follow the research professor who dares to venture into a world of dreams. New technology truly becomes a nightmare for those who transverse into "Dreams-The Gateway." A novel by Louis Poessel. http://users.wcnet.net/louispoessel
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    “Dreams: The Gateway”
    by Louis Poessel
    Congrats! (Five Stars)
    Southwest Reviewers

    From the midst of unheard authors rises the words of Louis Poessel. In the course of a relatively few pages this writer masterfully spins a paranormal story that hints of real life. Is it not possible that somewhere research is tapping into our dreams? The idea that a door of sorts may exist in a dream is exciting and believable. Publish America has once again proven that great writers are only writers that are given a chance. Keep up the good work-both the author and Publish America. The science fiction fans are ready for this type of story.

    Sci-Fi Reviews, A reviewer, October 4, 2004, (Five Stars)

    Five Star Review

    The odds against new writers are great-but those with talent deal with the odds. A new five star book has been launched! With a plot that excites this reader and characters that seem to jump off the pages of this book-Dreams The Gateway deserves a five star rating! Highly Recommend!

    The Business Man's Book (Five Stars)

    Finally someone is writing with the traveler in mind. A book that tells a great story and can be finished on one business trip. Thank You to the author and publisher for a winning combination!

    Dreams the Gateway (Five Stars)

    This is one of those rare books that simply will not allow you to put it down once you begin reading. I salute the author on a job well done. Bravo!

    Dreams the Gateway (Five Stars)
    Louisiana (9/27/2004)

    Can't wait for the movie!

    Dreams The Gateway (Five Stars)

    Action packed paranormal thriller. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down! Highly recommend.


    A reviewer, fan, September 29, 2004, (Five Stars)

    Super plot!

    Just finished this book. Super plot and great characters. Made me feel like I was one of the characters. This new writer has a bright future. Can't wait to read his next book. Highly recommend to anyone!

    A reviewer, avid reader, September 27, 2004, (Five Stars)

    Tense paranormal mystery

    New author has great book. Good to see new ideas in s/f.

    Joe, reader, September 27, 2004, (Five Stars)

    Kept me guessing!

    Did not expect the ending. A great book.

    A reviewer, an avid reader of science fiction, September 24, 2004, (Five Stars)

    A new era for sci-fi!

    Great book...author carries characters into a new era for sci-fi. This new technology is terrifying...great read!

    All Customer Reviews
    Thank God for new sci-fi authors!, September 28, 2004 (Five Stars)


    Thomas (South) - See all my reviews

    This is the best of the best. It combines a great paranormal plot, is just the right length to read when traveling, and will make a great movie! I recommend it to all...sure to become a best seller!
    Great Sci-fi adventure, September 27, 2004 (Five Stars)


    don (Tennessee) - See all my reviews

    A new talent has emerged from the writing pool. This is a keeper!
    Recommend it highly!


    Louis Poessel retired after over twenty years in the agricultural seed business. He lives with his wife of thirty-four years and three Persian cats in the seaside community of Palacios, Texas. A native of Texas, he graduated from Wharton County Junior College and Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, earning a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Education. His unique blend of science fiction, combined with snippets from his personal experiences, takes the reader into a world of fantasy scenarios that could soon be possible. He often uses his broad background in the agricultural industry as the backdrop for his vivid imagination. He has traveled extensively, but reaches from his rural roots to convey the effects of man on his environment. Readers will be carried into a world where anything can, and usually does, happen. His first attempt at writing gives the reader a vivid account of a research professor that has broken the bonds of reality and entered the world of dreams. Follow the professor from his safe and protected college research laboratory to a secret government base where new technology truly becomes a nightmare for those who transverse into Dreams: The Gateway.

    Dreams-The Gateway is available online from
    Publish America.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and Amazon.com websites.

    Product Details:

    ISBN: 1413734529

    Format: Paperback, 92pp

    Pub. Date: August 2004

    Publisher: America House Book Publishers

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