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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by antithesis, May 11, 2004.

  1. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    I think it must be stress and repressed agression and fear because I keep having dreams where someone kills me. Like the other night I had a dream where I thought I was awake and was laying in my bed and then I sat up and saw some guy running at me with a butcher knife, and then I woke up.

    But then the other night I had a dream that I tortured someone to death with a knife. Freaky....
  2. I've had dreams like that, but mine usually turn out where I Kill loads of people, I have had dreams of people killing me though, one that included my mother as the killer. Never torturing... But when Your mother closes in on you with a kitchen Knife in your dream, You'll realize true terror...

    Those Types of dreams scare the hell outta me, hope they stop for you, are you killing anyone you know in your dreams, cause that could be repressed anger.
  3. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    This sounds bad, but at least I'm not alone with having those sorts of dreams. I just don't want them to mean that I really am a sick and twisted ;)

    The person in my dream wasn't anyone I recognized. But I woke up terrified and definitely felt sick.
  4. malina

    malina Member

    i often dream of world disasters, bombs natural disasters like volcanoes or storms or floods whatever... but added to this i also often have dreams of an nuclear bomb about to hit and the whole.. i have to save the world or at least myself scenario.. well once i had this save the world from a nuclear bomb thing .. and the only way to do it was to kill my grandma.. and i didnt want to but she was willing to sacrifice herself.. and i had to kill her with a sword.. it had no handle though so as i stabbed her, it cut deeply into my own hand ... i felt the pain and i cried over the pain of having to do this to my grandma. i woke up crying
    wierd note on this.. my boyfriend called me next day and told me he had a horrible dream that he shot his best friend because he felt he had to and it upset him greatly. that was weird
  5. malina

    malina Member

    i have had a very very vivid dream before that death itsself took over my body and took someone from this world to the next whatever... anyway.. it was extremely vivid.. no murdering going on there.. the guy died just cuz .. but i felt death in me and its innescapable ominous power... not as a good or negative force.. just tremendous force.. but i will write about that dream in more detail tomorrow cuz its 4 in the morn right now and im fallin asleep. most vivid dream of my life though.

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